"Catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Black & White, No Cheats!"

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"Catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Black & White, No Cheats!"

MunchingOrange teaches you how to catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Black & White with no cheats.

For more Pokemon glitches, check out MuchingOrange's video about how to get to Navel Rock in Pokemon Emerald with no cheats:

Or his channel at:

Are you JAMMIN on TGS?
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Licenza YouTube standard

it didn't work O_O
egghead37able 10 ore fa
i like how u said with no cheats then procceded to say before we get started with this cheat, lol. also thnx i needed a wailord and relicanth but didnt no were they were. im still gonna do it, even though it dont work. o well i stupid
herbert1358 15 ore fa
I like how its meant to sound like a glitch, but he puts in the fake animation of showing Rayquaza flying around, which would suggest it was intended to have him in the game.
Plus the quality to Rayquaza is not only blurry, it doesn't follow the games limited pixilation.
Sadly, I'm surprised there were people who fell for it. :/
eivarden 15 ore fa
Whats the action replay to get a poke to appear
sithlorddarthcheeto 1 giorno fa
check out my channel to get some cool pokemon and other game vids i will upload a few in the coming weeks
SparqGames 1 giorno fa
xXchainchomp01 i think i know why u got it to work check the action replay in the back of ur ds i might still be on rayquaza or is it on another pokemon imposible to get in this game so far like genesect or meloetta
mrmakeitra2n 1 giorno fa
i did everything u said to do and i spoke to alder and rang the bell 3 times and nothing happened
mrmakeitra2n 1 giorno fa
If you didn't make Rayquaza's sprite a little blurry, and used Rayquaza's battle song, I would have bought it.
FlyingMonkeys7000 1 giorno fa
This doesn't work
StahEcc 2 giorni fa
u wasted my lava cookie!
egghead37able 2 giorni fa
I need help i spoke to alder first and did all that lava cookie crap and i went back to the tower and rang the bell 3 times but nothing happened...
awsomelazor 2 giorni fa
@awsomelazor because it is fake
shrillio 1 giorno fa
meus amigos eu vo dizer a verdade sobre esse e video E UMA PURA MENTIRA OU ELE FES EVENTO OU FOI UMA EDIÇĂO MUITO BEM FEITA NAO PERCAM SEU LAVA COCKIE E O SEU TEMPO POR ESSA MENTIRA EM FORMA DE VIDEO melhor que me escutem pq vao se arrepende fazendo oq o video pedi adios =)
lucasdcoutinho 2 giorni fa
jente sera que so funciona com o relicanth ? pq eu nao tenho ele como eu consigo ele ?
lucasdcoutinho 2 giorni fa
haha you said you need lots of balls
andrewlee332 2 giorni fa 3
You have already caught rayquaza once
nin3endo 3 giorni fa
obviously this won't work...
egghead37able 3 giorni fa
this really does work. i just got the rayquaza battle now. but the music just played zekrom battle... and there was no rayquaza appearance. just the start of a battle.
xXchainchomp01 3 giorni fa
this dosen't work at all i wasted my time
happysun360 3 giorni fa
Before we get started with this chea..t ...ah crap
s0u13at3r 3 giorni fa
I need BALLS to catch a pokemon. I feal so manly.
TheVictoryGamerz 3 giorni fa
where do you go?
7rode123 3 giorni fa
i dont get it i tried and it doesnt work u give no details u just showed how you did it wth
lolszboy000 3 giorni fa
Does it have to be in the afternoon?
SuperAznboy13 3 giorni fa
this really works, my friend tried it
4everjared 3 giorni fa
It no function!
SJN3000 4 giorni fa
I don't have Lava Cookie and I battle with all the trainers on the ship ,the ship's womam doesn't give me Lava Cookie she gave me a RageCandyBar. Do you know why???????????????
BBax10 4 giorni fa
@BBax10 it has to be monday wendesday of friday he said it in the video
lachlan2345 3 giorni fa
I think you are a hacker
vicepedro 4 giorni fa
who is still here
adrielzachary2gmail 5 giorni fa
LOLOLOL. That cutscene looked so fucking fake!
OtakuWulf 5 giorni fa
i already have rayquaza
christian32826 5 giorni fa
nothing more fake
07oscarit 5 giorni fa
Do you have to have something to enter the ship
vicepedro 5 giorni fa
I am going to do it .if its no real you will die
vicepedro 5 giorni fa
decoydragon11 5 giorni fa
You are down your mom has to give me 2 pounds of rest
BlackWhitePokemonFun 6 giorni fa
truffaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa rikkion merd veng in inghilterra e t facc magna u juok tuoj e pokemon nero e se hai il pc ti facio ingoiare il pc e mi facio tu mammaaaaaaa
BlackWhitePokemonFun 6 giorni fa
I love reading the comments to see how many people thought it was real.
mrhouse346 6 giorni fa
lol i feel bad for the new pokemon fans they dont really know pokemon ruby saphire kr emerald games lol this is fake and i cant believe so many idiots actually tried this!!! lmao my brother was like telling me about this and i was like um its fake!! i been playing since red and blue!!!
crazytrickyguy 6 giorni fa
i am going to try this because Rayquaza is my favorite pokemon
fashadowninja7 6 giorni fa
do you need relichant and wail lord
The5Nerfers 6 giorni fa
@Masterslam999 .....
BlazinRedAceZX 6 giorni fa
i love this vid :D
TheDBZfan121 6 giorni fa
Commento rimosso

xGreenFreak4x 6 giorni fa
i did everything EACTLY LIKE U but y didnt it work ?? pls answer me
BlazinRedAceZX 1 sett. fa
Masterslam999 1 sett. fa
dude... youre a jerk
MiharuIshimaru48 1 sett. fa
I think this I real bc u guys need to beat the 4 ppl 2 time one with N nd one with the actual champ so yea
Juanito123417 1 sett. fa
"Your also gonna need balls. Lots of them."
Ice00Shinobi 1 sett. fa
add meee 4985 8501 1073 and add me on thx....
mike028011 1 sett. fa
wat happend if i beat the elite 4..?
mike028011 1 sett. fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

Spongehuntglop 1 sett. fa
as if people acctually tried this
charizardthree 1 sett. fa
were is the 4th trainer
The5Nerfers 1 sett. fa
it did work :(
kristian123kid 1 sett. fa
It did not freaking work :( I wiz hopping it would
aztac351 1 sett. fa
TheVman33 1 sett. fa
864 idiots actually tried this
DumDum5551 1 sett. fa
transformerlover18 1 sett. fa
its real excpet for the rayquaza scene after the third ring

ParedesF12 1 sett. fa
lol, Flying Rayquaza fails!
KaedeAragaki 1 sett. fa
the part when alder is talking to you is true but the rayquaza thing is fake
TheDirectorsOfASS 1 sett. fa
i have alot of lvl 100's

ichigo20202 1 sett. fa
tried it it dnt work
grimesta100 1 sett. fa
really actully i cant even find a lava coockie anyways
jtray33 1 sett. fa
Okay, I'm going save you guys an awful lot of time and hassle. This is completely fake. I tried it because my iPod didn't load the annotations. Don't make the same mistake as me. Thumbs up so other people don't waste their spare time.
Machoked 1 sett. fa 17
@Machoked Well that's your fault for being trolled :)
BuffedSaberTooth 1 sett. fa
Seems legit...
jabberwokey439 1 sett. fa
301 Master Balls? Pfffft.
reeorden 1 sett. fa
Commento rimosso

reeorden 1 sett. fa
:3 My Simipour knows Surf, Waterfall, Cut, and Dive! :D :D :D
samathawe8809 1 sett. fa
is it nesasery to have a walord and a relacant
thetrainerable 1 sett. fa
i found it helpfull
thetrainerable 1 sett. fa
what does the lava coockie do?
jtray33 1 sett. fa
this is so not real ive tried
woot1196 1 sett. fa
Tried it: REAL!!!
LarkManEXE 1 sett. fa
@LarkManEXE Lolz troll

iPostMessages 1 sett. fa
im pretty sure thats not a glitch
ThePokeCentre01 1 sett. fa
riven656 1 sett. fa
lol it worked for me!!!! yeahh!! =D 8)
ShiMandara 1 sett. fa
it didn't work for me -:O
CheekyDog8078 1 sett. fa
is this real

scorze123 1 sett. fa
lmao i watched this just for the laugh.
MrBigbossj14 1 sett. fa
Looks so real.... to bad it isnt >:I
STFUMARCOS 1 sett. fa
0:27 - Before we get started with this "cheat"
Great job, way to keep credibility!
MsJalvlie 1 sett. fa 18
@MsJalvlie it may be a glitch
dokidokipanic1 5 giorni fa
i think it is not fake...i try it if i got that stupid dive!!!!
TheBreathofthedragon 1 sett. fa
sryy not cheat
NicHk4 1 sett. fa
cheat WTF
NicHk4 1 sett. fa
Lol nice fake
AQWxXkillnoobsXx 2 sett. fa
Ok I did everything exact. Do you need to do it before you see alder. I already beat the game. I have already met alder. Dose that mean I can't do it
Gatormatt1 2 sett. fa
oh, I didn't see it, ok sorry
mzbroussard9901 2 sett. fa
it worked for me....

FLAHeadquarters 2 sett. fa
I waisted four minutes on White by just doing that cheat.
Lucky I got Rayquaza from Pearl.
(I did cheat to get him in pearl in a poke ball).
gokyurem100 2 sett. fa
nice animation, its fake but still pretty nice @TheGameStation
plsentername 2 sett. fa
cheater you have rayquaza
xstianxkid 2 sett. fa
What A DUMB FUCK. Even a Dumb Could Tell its Fake .
TurnAndGo 2 sett. fa
everyone the part where you meet Alder in Celestial Tower is truth, but when i rang the bell 3 times. noting happen. so yeah wired.
shirouknight 2 sett. fa
Only the people who clicked the like button thought it was real before actually trying this.
MegaCream100 2 sett. fa
You make an eight minute video and say it is a joke? Luckily I cloned my rayquaza 3 times.
dustin1234ism 2 sett. fa
this is so fake i tryed it and it falled what the heck man i hate these fakes !
MrJaysigan 2 sett. fa
He Said it was fake tru a small pop-up on the bottom left of the video from 0:00 - 0:05. Thumbs up so that ppl can see. : )
iBJON1995 2 sett. fa 24
this is false
javierrf00 2 sett. fa
f**king stupid i did it and LIAR
sonic123320 2 sett. fa
xsheresax 2 sett. fa
xsheresax 2 sett. fa
wait, you cant DO a glitch, it just happens, thats why its called a GLITCH.
ThyFireKing 2 sett. fa
can you send me your relicath
thomas8469 2 sett. fa
Catmaann 2 sett. fa
i wish this was real.......that would be freakin awesome!!!!
megashadowmew 2 sett. fa
jacksondarksonic 2 sett. fa
Everything followed but nothing happens. Fake!
KoM970 2 sett. fa
Hey NQQB That are a FAKE !!!
MultiLo0L 2 sett. fa
I have my raquaza from my SS, and i actually read the annotation at the beginning. so fuck yeah. i also have the regis from my original emerald. so double fuck yeah
ShaunMannix 2 sett. fa
Sad. That sprite is from HG and SS. This also shows signs of layering over the video. you used a vertical pinhole, I see that, but maybe not. Next time you want to commentary on something, how about... not?
AuraSageBT94 2 sett. fa
pieabner 2 sett. fa
i wasted 3 hours of my life
Yamanaka8465 2 sett. fa
it did not work
SuperBaron23 2 sett. fa
It didn't work for me.
sTortia1 2 sett. fa
every one fag this for missleading text! NOW [[READ]]
MsRunions 2 sett. fa
DK27HABS 2 sett. fa
@DK27HABS you know he said its fake right >_>
SniperGames12 2 sett. fa
Is this really part of the game, or just a joke?
SuperRocketMetal2 2 sett. fa
nice video :)
LegendarySuikun 2 sett. fa
HAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!! on the begin of the video he's saying: No Cheats.
Wait 5 seconds and he'll say: Before we start with this cheat....
Bomebermailer 2 sett. fa
this really stinks!!!!!!!!!
pieabner 2 sett. fa
He's already caught rayquaza
EpikTigers 2 sett. fa
dont fuck the noob´s mind
PokemasterDeNaruto 2 sett. fa
screw it, it looks fake jus get it in heart gold/soul silver and trade over
Rayku900 2 sett. fa
awiya13 2 sett. fa
aldar does that anyway...i was bored and climbed the tower and saw him there without doin any of all that
Giratios 2 sett. fa
DOESN'T WORK!!!!! This is why, I don't watch fake videos of hacking, catching pokemon!!!!!
jimmyjam0825 2 sett. fa
OMG! This actually worked for me :D Thank you soooooo much :D ive been searching for ages :)
miky4133 2 sett. fa
the rayquaza didnt appear but i talked to the alder and i rang the bell 3 times it didnt come out
MegaOatmealcookies 2 sett. fa
Pssh, luckily I saved my rayquaza from emerald
fuckyouropionion 2 sett. fa 15
Nice editing, but this video is obviously fake.
Wanna know how this part was made?
He simply got a gif of Rayquaza's overworld sprites and cropped it all over the place and that was it.
SegaMario 2 sett. fa
U god damn fag
jmsnipes100 2 sett. fa
Idiots, obviously its fake.
eychff 2 sett. fa
What season is it suppose to be because I did everything and it worked but when I ring 3 times it doesn't come.
Z3p3dapower 2 sett. fa
so fake!!!!
kc28904 2 sett. fa 15
12super123 2 sett. fa 2
were do you get whaleord

raith00rayray 2 sett. fa 2
@raith00rayray i want it to but i cant find it.
awiya13 2 sett. fa
Spikanor123 2 sett. fa
such little what iris would say to some of u ppl commenting on this video, stop being imiture cuz he sayed balls.O.O
...hehehehe... that is kinda funny tho
MasaomiKida100 2 sett. fa
The womam give me a RageCandyBar! Why?!
BBax10 2 sett. fa
@BBax10 So u can catch darmanitan at the desert ruins.
gokyurem100 2 sett. fa
why is one direction in every video on youtube?
raymonrules32 2 sett. fa
its a fake video i did try
anthonoid1 2 sett. fa
xD This is funny :33 ur gonna need balls LOL XD
redmetz 2 sett. fa
HaHa He said your gonna need BALLS
khe121 2 sett. fa
is that trueeee?
beyblade130 2 sett. fa
@beyblade130 NO
KoM970 2 sett. fa
nice voice
zack51dark 2 sett. fa
the fact uve allredy carught it makes me think u used chates
imwanabethebest 2 sett. fa
its fake
monstertepig12 2 sett. fa nella playlist Pokemon WIFI
i love pokemon!
TheAAD1234 2 sett. fa
in title u sad no cheats and at 0:25 u sad before we get started with cheats l0000l!
thepokefreak2011 3 sett. fa
All of you probably turned off the annotations. There's an annotation at the very beginning that says it's a joke. I didn't see it at first either lol
1texaseagle 3 sett. fa nella playlist Favorite videos
is this een chooge
peilin199 3 sett. fa
no offense but.....FAKE you meet Alder even if you DON'T get lava cookie. i know cause i tried it on wednesday, couldn't get all trainers on royal unova in time and i STILL met Alder!
PokemonRoselia02 3 sett. fa
it's not lies it worked for me and i didn't even need the two pokemon
idctheresa 3 sett. fa

nathan746 3 sett. fa
You Freakin Liar!!!! it didn't work you just did special effects to the video to make look like it was an event.....Well it not an event
LegendaryBlaze121 3 sett. fa
people is not real i try it.
it won't work.
the only way is from transfer rayquaza from other version of Pokemon.
Rhysis66 3 sett. fa
if people actually put the annotations on, they would notice that it doesn't work.
Also, they could really just go to a website that has everything about the game, but why would they do that.
indecentthinking 3 sett. fa
do u have to have a wailord and a relicanth
Chanicky1 3 sett. fa
a lava cookie???
charlievilmega 3 sett. fa
You're gonna also need BALLS!
Myeshawn 3 sett. fa
oh mann ich will auch Rayquaza bei black & white
zero3876 3 sett. fa
what happened, that didn't work, why? D:
mzbroussard9901 3 sett. fa
@mzbroussard9901 Dude.... In the beginning of the video at 0:01! It says that it's a joke!
Myeshawn 3 sett. fa
I wish it was real...
Ensw52 3 sett. fa
I'm like struggling to get a relicanth right now.....
easygoingold 3 sett. fa
you already catch rayquaza? cause there is already pokeball on his name?????
1212jethro 3 sett. fa
does this actually work anyone pls help and reply thx
thepokemonfan123able 3 sett. fa
does this actually work
thepokemonfan123able 3 sett. fa
does this work for pokemon black
Billyyank9 3 sett. fa
0:43 what's that place on that southwestern island marked on the map? Is that like the B&W version of Southern Island or something??? O.o
1texaseagle 3 sett. fa
its not fake noobs stop raging
Mrtrainer201 3 sett. fa
I saw Alder At The Top But Rayquaza Never Appeared.Oh well,I already have one.
MajesticMilotic 3 sett. fa
As Ray William Johnson would say, FAKE & GAY
spongebobandy11 3 sett. fa
Blurshnob 3 sett. fa
Too bad it doesn't actually work that way XD But then I have a Rayquaza already so whatever.
bouncycomix 3 sett. fa
it worked
tenzinkalden9 3 sett. fa
"Your Also Gonna Need Balls!" HAHHHAHAHAHAA, DHAT SHIT FUNNY .!!!
YungJaylay 3 sett. fa
nice video =)
Kanzelra 3 sett. fa
it says at the begin of this movie... this is fake!
haloniels1997 3 sett. fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

melissacanady 3 sett. fa
ass hole
melissacanady 3 sett. fa
wat i wanna know is how u actaully did the raquaza intro thing at the tower
SargentStorms 3 sett. fa
@SargentStorms me to cause when i click the bell the third time and notting fucking happened so i countinued clicking the bell but it didnt work
matthewrocks111 3 sett. fa

dyalanbrain001 3 sett. fa
one word to say:FAKE
Danthehed2031 3 sett. fa
Mcdonals1eaters 3 sett. fa
TheRevanchist9000 3 sett. fa
Major dick move but nicely done. At least you know how to troll us with style. Lol
ravenwestmachinima 3 sett. fa
wow.. you guys really need to pay more attention to the video. At the beginning 5 seconds it says that it's a joke.
Penguin4478 3 sett. fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

MRphill208 3 sett. fa
XD minccino
BlazeSpiritStone 4 sett. fa
you need balls lots of then ha ha
linkinparkfan5411 4 sett. fa
it fake because thats the emerald raquaza non battlesprite and the game would of gaven it better graphics.
SuperCalski 4 sett. fa
Fake big time I tried it four times
AWESOMEGUY1238 4 sett. fa
mine no work, can u not battle on ur way there?
reshiram3 4 sett. fa
f**k you
mariosonic65 4 sett. fa
Hey, Hey, hey, people, this guy is an Annoyin Orange.
runescapeverslaafd 4 sett. fa
you are awsome
stokieslayer1 4 sett. fa
what day and time
thomasralph123 4 sett. fa
TheShadow2435 1 mese fa
Easy: use action replay.
But I tried it anyway it worked :D
nascarboy77 1 mese fa
I wannna know if this is permanetly real. I wanna hear it proved and some evidence that it's real.
ZephyOG 1 mese fa
awsomekarp1400 1 mese fa
it is a lie. don't waste your lava cookies people. he used after effects to make it look real and cut to a hacked wild battle with Rayquaza.
sora231123 1 mese fa
dbzking357 1 mese fa
at 0:04
AAAAAAAAAAAA9000 1 mese fa
it said this is a joke
AAAAAAAAAAAA9000 1 mese fa
what happens when it works half way. Well I did everything you said but i saved before I rang the bell two times and then after , can you do the glitch again like in pokemon blue when you get mew.
awsomekarp1400 1 mese fa
but you have only 2 balls
MRphill208 1 mese fa
and 1 thing: We have only Rayquaza by tranfering him from another ds slot which That pokemon which we call"Rayquaza" is on Pokemon Emerald
nerfguyable 1 mese fa
you´re lying that´s not gonna result you idiot
nerfguyable 1 mese fa
Lannnyto 1 mese fa
is a cheat

RafaelDelgadoGarcia 1 mese fa
fake video

recoon221 1 mese fa
If you say 'faker' your a noob. in the begin he said it was fake. next to the Minccino. But, i also like this video.
barryasbak15 1 mese fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

ericskowron 1 mese fa
FAKE o0o

anjing995 1 mese fa
@ILoveMusicLoud he's ripping it off from Emerald, inside Regice's cave 1 of the rooms said, "first comes wailord last comes relicanth" that's also y wailord was first and relicanth was last in his party.
Chkrdr702 1 mese fa
good video dude... but how is he breathing down there?
Kusanagi570 1 mese fa
why do you need a wailord and a relicanth??
ILoveMusicLoud 1 mese fa
"Before we get started with this cheat" :P
IL1keW4fflez 1 mese fa
lionboy923 1 mese fa
its a cheat didnt you hear it jackass
jaythebest65 1 mese fa
You sounded like Gary
Yosuke1996 1 mese fa
Guys, this is fake. I actually knew about this before this video came out. My friend lied, but this is hilarious!
joytotheworld56 1 mese fa
does anyone want to trade pokemon on black or white
Aakar54 1 mese fa
It actually worked 0_0
mightytropius 1 mese fa
@mightytropius idiot.
Lannnyto 1 mese fa
"your also gonna needs balls, alot of them"
Naryui 1 mese fa 2
@Naryui Nope............
Lannnyto 1 mese fa
i tried and it does not work
momie395 1 mese fa
***** u its wont work!
DjumiQpang 1 mese fa
Well it looked cool but its fake. I even did it while i was watching this video. Ole well hey heads up dec.3-dec.15 get movie victini event special.
mexipino49er 1 mese fa
Isn't the whole Wailord and Relicanth nonsense only for the Regi's? :s
LittleSlur 1 mese fa
Thumbs Up if this is fake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GamerJohnny54 1 mese fa
you know, this might be real, game freak said that there abysall ruins does something, and they wouldnt tell you what it is.
crafter1300 1 mese fa
xD this is so fukken fake!!
apolonier11 1 mese fa
this suck this dont even work i wasted 8 minutes of my life
smothboy122 1 mese fa
AQWtoonlink50 1 mese fa
it didnt work
evanescene9536 1 mese fa
What type of balls.
jeffryemily 1 mese fa
err i have a problem, i only have a couple of balls (_)_)== lawl. cool atlantis
Voltzap 1 mese fa
err i have a problem, i only have a couple of balls (_)_)==  lawl
Voltzap 1 mese fa
Actually it is not real...
515Genesis 1 mese fa
I did ever single thing you did and nothin happined!!!!!
riannasdad 1 mese fa
no funcionaˇˇˇ
andrestiniela 1 mese fa
this is really real
jackydaxterful 1 mese fa
where in undella town are you??
TNZNT101 1 mese fa
blazingcharizard242 1 mese fa
You need to have beaten the Elite For to get the Super Rod to catch Wailord and Relicanth, and Rayquaza won't appear without the National Pokedex, anyway.
guardianx51 1 mese fa
And it worked
The5Nerfers 1 mese fa
It's not fake I did it
The5Nerfers 1 mese fa
Why do you keep pronouncing Rayquaza's name wrong? Its (Ray-qwah-za) The way you say it sounds gay.
SuperSentaiSpartan64 1 mese fa
@SuperSentaiSpartan64 the way he says it is correct.
5n1p3rwolf 1 mese fa
@SuperSentaiSpartan64 wow why do you even care you sound like you troll allot
squirrelstar05 1 mese fa
thx a lot
arthurdoor 1 mese fa
hyouma09 1 mese fa
FINALLY, Abysal Ruins shown to the world.
N1NT3ND0SJ 1 mese fa
its fake -__-
AyOChickO 1 mese fa
FINALLY i thought i was the only one who knew this.
MrMillerboy6 1 mese fa
its fake
loloniel1 1 mese fa
does this actually work
JadakusTepig 1 mese fa
that woman will not let me get on the ship, why? I have to do to make her leave me?
BBax10 1 mese fa
Ultra Mega Super Very NICE
BBax10 1 mese fa
Commento rimosso

mobianyoshi 1 mese fa
it didn't work for me

secretninja1243 1 mese fa nella playlist Liked
Everything is so unbeliveably fast lol
ryhs009 1 mese fa
on a side note can i still get rayquaza if i already talked to alder
shadowfire217 1 mese fa
so was rayquaza the champions pokemon?
darkarimaster123 1 mese fa
@darkarimaster123 i dont think so if it was then that means that its a goast
shadowfire217 1 mese fa
Awesome!!! Thanks!
clydethedog2000 1 mese fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

TerraOblivion27 1 mese fa
thx munch/game station i got rayquaza >3
spikeguy8 1 mese fa
at the end o f the vid he said it was a joke
TeamRagnarok100 1 mese fa
It didn't work but I did talk to alder but every time I ring the bell it will not work
DoubleJ343 1 mese fa
i new it was fake even before clicking on the video. but i got pissed cause it didnt even look real.
kaidos123 1 mese fa
cpasn0 1 mese fa
How we know this is hacked: It says A WILD Rayquaza Appeared!
In BW, must appears Rayquaza Appeared, like:Reshiram/Zekrom Appeared,Kyurem Appeared.Nice try ;)
TheKTMARIO 1 mese fa
this is fake it is the rayquaza from emerald
MrNiver123 1 mese fa
lol it said no cheats then he said 10 secounds later to do this cheat lol
thecreator2708 1 mese fa
You said you need lotsa balls, but you did it in 2 try's! WELL DONE!!!
Robin280497 1 mese fa
802 people didn't have enough balls
thelegitkid09 1 mese fa
It's fake. Didn't work with me. Thumbs down to save time of other people.
Paulaum1 1 mese fa
It worked for me!!!
1imverysleepy 1 mese fa
this does not work.if you want to show a vid show one that works.
connorbland1 1 mese fa
Heyy it worked!
hotguyatthebeach 1 mese fa
@hotguyatthebeach seriously did it?!!
Dragzolia7X 1 mese fa
i just freakin wasted my lava cookie
TheCerealLover 1 mese fa
Nice Effects man.
HeroChao132 1 mese fa
why did you say your going to have balls why didnt you say ultra balls.But the video rocks
cterry2010 1 mese fa
You lie!!!!!! Serebii, Bulbipedia, Smogon, AND marriland say you can't catch rayquaza in black OR white!!!! liar, liar pants on fire!!!
cmbell715 1 mese fa
@cmbell715 because its a dam cheat ass hole
cterry2010 1 mese fa
they should vomit on ya EYE! :P
Lugiarceus25DeLX 1 mese fa
Your fault i lost a rare candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lugiarceus25DeLX 1 mese fa
dose this really work?
TheMRcrazyvids 1 mese fa
thank u!!!!!!!!
milesmom7 1 mese fa
aw i was so looking forward to it
sujan165 1 mese fa
gntrinder 1 mese fa
you are so correct man
Yifanli2009 1 mese fa
i dont hav lots of balls lots of them
DrunkDragonite23 1 mese fa
what kinda balls?
sasuki1114 1 mese fa
This is bullshit.
TacoOnROBLOX 1 mese fa
Guys dont even try this. This is fake
kill3rkin6 1 mese fa
all of my friends who play pokemon black and white say Zekrom is better to but truth is i have pokemon black and caught Reshiram and beat Zekrom with it in like 3 hits so people who say Zekrom is better have there opinions and we have ours. But i think reshiram is better
TheMother109 1 mese fa
hm ...
xxShadowlukexx 1 mese fa
everything worked exept rayquaza didnt apear can u help?

pokpemb5 1 mese fa
@pokpemb5 are you stupid? its fake
WaffleLord74 1 mese fa
Lmfao. Your going to need balls! lots of them!
Asianninjafury 1 mese fa
How the fuck zekrom is better? In my opinion, reshiram is the fire dragon so I think reshiram is BETTER.
DJBlueSonic 1 mese fa
@DJBlueSonic Zekrom beats Arceus, Arceus beats Reshiram
LongLiveTheForce 1 mese fa
mrspokemon30 1 mese fa
I like black better even though white gets all of the pokemon
DafailureVids 1 mese fa
All Pokemonfans must know: THAT'S A FACK!!!
NintendoPlayer08 1 mese fa
they have given me an old gataeu for beating the royal unova does it work with an old gateau?
4johnakos 1 mese fa
Seems legit.
skyscizor 1 mese fa
Hmm... that was actually some good editing. But I noticed Rayquaza's theme was RSE style music, his overworld sprite didn't match the surroundings, and I could tell that you used a lighting effect and special dissolve transition. If I haven't made videos before, you would have fooled me. Still, that was great editing.
Theatrefreak7 1 mese fa
thumbs up if you realised that he had already caught Rayquaza, and in every game that you can catch Rayquaza you can only catch one so that means he definetely used cheats and this is fake
MrDamianlawrence 1 mese fa
@MrDamianlawrence or maybe he sent one from another game to white dipshit.........any way great vid
BabyJoker515O 1 mese fa
Guys don't do this shit he is messing with you.
jumbabrother 1 mese fa
wtf i cant go in the boat to get the lava cookie
AZOREANBOY17 1 mese fa
i didnt work
stuchbery09D 1 mese fa
its cool for me because i've got a master ball !!!!!!!!! :D
TheGael128 1 mese fa
Do you have to have Waillord and Relicanth?
I have waillord but i cant seem to find Relicanth on route 4.
Roughspotted 1 mese fa nella playlist Roughspotted's favorites
umm...isn't there an annotation that says it's a joke in the very beginning?
phantompenguin53 1 mese fa
alder is always there anyway
electrikviolinresh 1 mese fa
Doesnt work what a fake
DynamoRamirez 1 mese fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

BxBaNgEr828 1 mese fa
...if this is fake then what /is/ that bell on top of the tower for?...i get the stangest feelign that something is supposed to happen there..
manyppI2 1 mese fa
so easy to see that its fake also consittering before he battles YOU CAN ACUALY SEE HIM IN THE GRASS!
blueude18 1 mese fa
Lol his Main Characters name is 'Orange'
LahainaGeneration 1 mese fa
This dude used the action replay device to get rayquaza. Didn't you guys see the pokeball right beside rayqaza's name? He already has one and the hole thing is just a scam.
origachi16 1 mese fa
where do you get wailoard and the other one?
amyourpapi23 1 mese fa nella playlist Pokemon WIFI
This is fake guys don't try it.....
Mehnameisjoe 1 mese fa
He's trolling, fucking idiots.
Mehnameisjoe 1 mese fa
Someone plz go to my video cause I REALLY want a rayquaza arcues or victini if u do u get my legendary groudon lvl 100 this guy sucks
muchinorange2 1 mese fa
how did u find this out? :P
reshiram3 1 mese fa
But it didnt work does the alder hve to be there
LoverPokemon122 1 mese fa
@LoverPokemon122 He was cheating, its a lie, if you see the pokeball next to the wild rayquaza's name, he already has one, its all a hoax.
ZephyrHeartlessAngel 1 mese fa
@ZephyrHeartlessAngel well did u ever think tht he caught one cheating before he did this and is showing us how to catch it for real...... and he used cheat codes before and sometimes wen u use it it messes ur game up so tht could of happened to
hpfresh9 1 mese fa
I did everything u said but i
LoverPokemon122 1 mese fa
ha ha balls
warpigs2380 1 mese fa
do you really need the Lava Cookie??? plz tell me!
badass970123 1 mese fa
''You also will need balls... lots of them''
BionicleLama 1 mese fa
nothing happand
daerzt 1 mese fa
superpichu3 1 mese fa
turns out the lava cookie doesnt do shit, caught rayquaza without it
Trippcleanoceansurf 1 mese fa
WTF? Dude are you against me or with me because I'm hearing both.
porkchop0fSpaceham 1 mese fa
holy that is not true!!! >_<

killerbladeunknown 1 mese fa
i did all the stuff and he wasn't their

pokemonfan23143 1 mese fa
@pokemonfan23143 he said it was joke.
Solo3456 1 mese fa
dang it u just made me spend $500,000 on pokeballs...
cfa277 1 mese fa
non funziona
luca76574 1 mese fa
@luca76574 ahahahahahha XD
umbreon96ify 1 mese fa
All you have to do is ring the bell 3 dont have to do all that other crap.
JZingy 1 mese fa
@JZingy really dont lie
but do you still have to have wailord and the other pokemon
cheapnipster 1 mese fa
ReedN70 1 mese fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

TheKaa09 1 mese fa 6
@TheKaa09 Suck out both versions are good so don't chat shit Zekrom and Reshiram are both equal.
DoctorRoblox 1 mese fa
@TheKaa09 Kyurem owns both :PP
secondthridticket 1 mese fa
@TheKaa09 Lies
Pyrorocket10 1 mese fa
Obvious fake is obvious.. love youtube trolls.. hah... lame ass.
X0LiftedUp0X 1 mese fa
I tried it but it didnt work
209Clark 1 mese fa
Worked for me :)
DoctorRoblox 1 mese fa
@DoctorRoblox really?
77lol77jones 1 mese fa
What White forest??? I just get black city!!! Help?
BirdNerdCentral 1 mese fa
@BirdNerdCentral Pokémon Black = Black City.
Pokémon White = White forest.
And this video is a joke, even the author said that.
TheUnknownKH 1 mese fa
This guy who commented below me is a dumb-ass, it is true you can catch any pokemon with the AR, and if he was it wouldn't show the scene when it enters to meet to battle you. Use commen sense people.
leoluigi18 1 mese fa
Hmmmm... Well I have to ask you this. How is it that even though I didn't have to do anything with that lava cookie bullshit, I was already able to talk to Alder? Here's another thing I noticed, if you have an AR you can catch any wild pokemon at 1,35,70, or 100. Funny, it seems that rayquaza was level 70. Dare I say it.... AR CHEAT!!
porkchop0fSpaceham 1 mese fa
lol you need balls
shattered5423 1 mese fa
Ring the bell to soothe him...
Soothe Bell?
themasternateshow 1 mese fa 6
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

ElmoOnCrack100 1 mese fa
if you didnt understand this was bullshit you are increddibly stupid

xanakify 1 mese fa
lol that did work o.O
oOFTWpunChOo 1 mese fa
Commentinator1 1 mese fa
How you will know it is fake : 6:30 fake battle start... LOL SO OBVIOUS GUYS
- .-
DarkOriGiratina 1 mese fa
My brother just tried your little glitch and it didnt work! SUCH COMPLETE BULLSHIT!!!
Feralinape392 1 mese fa
It Worked!!!! Thanks!!!
draco15648 1 mese fa
@draco15648 how did it work it did not for me.
ThePokemonman2000 1 mese fa
I hate people who does videos like these just to get views n shit!!!
Esegismo1 1 mese fa
so.... is it a hack?
pokpemb5 1 mese fa
@TheGameStation do you have to have wailord and relicanth???
gravitykerbex 1 mese fa
im am your friend tylerstormflame you helped me a whole lot
tylerstormflame 1 mese fa
"youre gonna need balls lots of them' haha
Zarchniecp 1 mese fa
oops, I messed up. (correction from previous post): if true or not but I do not know see you try to work out reply
harisonfyre649 1 mese fa
to and made​a bad mount ... vo admit I was curious, but do not see wasting time getting the ds and do it.
harisonfyre649 1 mese fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

harisonfyre649 1 mese fa
damn that sucks that is a fuckin hack but it looks kinda in the game
JamesHysoniTV 1 mese fa
@bevrzdam91 have you updated our ar recently? if not do it i cant give you detailed instructions but if you google it you can find it
deathgrip999 1 mese fa
@deathgrip999 thanx ill try man......
bevrzdam91 1 mese fa
i have to balls but they dont work on pokemon
oconnor346 1 mese fa
Listen all You Dumbasses. Listen to the first minute. He says this is his first hack on this game.
BloodVip3r96 1 mese fa
He actually wrote at the beggining it was a joke. i found this very amusing ^^
Qwansaify 1 mese fa
this is a lie. it shows rayquaza sprite and u just added light on ur ds from emerald version. fake and gay
XboxPWNGED 1 mese fa
whatthecardboard 1 mese fa
bayleighmarie1 1 mese fa
can u buy a lava cookie
thomasralph123 1 mese fa
I never new that
noah10192 1 mese fa
you found alder
reiojan11 1 mese fa
didn't work .-.''
x3JessiTutorialsx3 1 mese fa
man ur awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MAstery2ify 1 mese fa
@MAstery2ify did it actually work??
karkorot 1 mese fa
It didnt work!!!!!!!!!!! -:(|)
TheBrandonJTV 1 mese fa
at first I thought this might be legit... Then I sat and realized I can get Rayquaza legit and already do...
RSxenom 1 mese fa
its pretty funny how everyone is in love with pokemon games and everyone plays them but will never admit it, if these games were meant for snot nose brats that just end up dropping them in some pool or body of water then theyve got to be very understanding cuz the morals and sertain messages an life lessons they try to burn into their minds are pretty far out man....youve got to kno what ur doin, otherwise theyll never advance in the game....
bevrzdam91 7 seconds ago
bevrzdam91 1 mese fa
thank you soooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bayleighmarie1 1 mese fa
lol u cached 1 already + nice sound effects on the 3rd bell rind give me a file so i can FUCKING COPY YOUR FUCKING LIE ;)
Elxroid 1 mese fa
I can imagine you fooled a lot of fanboys with this one, congrats. :D
AeonCommander 1 mese fa
Is this realy a glitch? I hope not
skyline10109 1 mese fa
i have 3 shiny black rayqazas with wonder guard. any one wanna trade? i need the extra three pokemon, genisect and the other two, im open to any other cool shynyy offers too
-im in chula vista sd tho- shoot me a post an well exchange info....;~)
bevrzdam91 1 mese fa
@bevrzdam91 you hacked in the rayquazas, just hack in the others .-.
lijourt 1 mese fa
@lijourt i didnt hack, they came in a game i bought, i dont hack, im by the book, besides i dont kno how....
bevrzdam91 1 mese fa
@bevrzdam91 only way to hack is buy an action replay XD, unless you are playing on your computer, then theres just a crapload of hoops to jump through, and your looking for genesect victini and meoletta?
lijourt 1 mese fa
@lijourt i have the victini. i just got an action replay but i dont kno how to use it man, it doesnt seem to
bevrzdam91 1 mese fa
@bevrzdam91 what are you trying to do with it?? the one i bought wont connect with computers, so every code i want to use i put in by hand, you might need to do the same yourself
lijourt 1 mese fa
@lijourt i put the walk thru walls cheat and then it says "boot the game with codes?" and i chose yes and then it just stays on the screen it doesnt look like it froze, it happens every time, sux man....
bevrzdam91 1 mese fa
@awesome6542 yea, thats more proof that its fakeskeez AND did u notice the way requaza showed up? pretty similar to the way it showed up in emerald..haa?
bevrzdam91 1 mese fa
fuck your lava kookie ,wailord first, relicanth last, ring bell bullshit man....
bevrzdam91 1 mese fa
can't tell if real or not; will assume fake
sumphatguy 1 mese fa
I did what youtol
dragonitelord 1 mese fa
StevenRamsingh 1 mese fa
i watch alot of ur videos but this is a lie because i hack every game i get the seconed time through but and do u really need those specific pokemon besides i have completed the game five times with all the legendarys i had a channel but yputube took it off and u can buy black off xbox live its a lot more fun than the ds.
ccddthompson 1 mese fa
dude remember you need wailord and relincath i tried it first but then realized that i didn't have them
HAHAHAHAHA300 1 mese fa
@HAHAHAHAHA300 he said that....
vitalgameshard 1 mese fa
dshacker662 1 mese fa
@dshacker662 there are pixels on every video ever dipshit
vitalgameshard 1 mese fa
@vitalgameshard yea, but this u can see clear as day fuckhead
dshacker662 1 mese fa
@dshacker662 ? u gay
vitalgameshard 1 mese fa
@vitalgameshard eww u sick homo get a life or kill it
dshacker662 1 mese fa
lol amount of pokemon from platinum
Neon9677 1 mese fa
wow ithought this was real
katycowboys123 1 mese fa
How to catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Black & White without cheats... Before we get started with this cheat....
ticsanmurio 1 mese fa 36
@ticsanmurio lol can't belive he did that :D
thedilboi 1 mese fa
this is hack lmao because this happends to me and i didnt do any of your steps
LimitedTheX 1 mese fa
RawrOfTheBlade 1 mese fa
I already knew it didn't work when I read "No cheats".
paulvh1996 1 mese fa
almost wasted an hour doing this.
easy to miss the annotation at 0:00 which clearly states "This is a Joke! Don't attempt it .... unless you want to part with your lava cookie. :-D"
soo yeah..
wangtang32000 1 mese fa
omfg i gota lava cookie! :O i need to do this!
wangtang32000 1 mese fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

101thetrueg 1 mese fa
remember catching rayquaza on emerald :)
yesUwatchingME 1 mese fa
facking g a y!!!!
nemesis5260 1 mese fa
megarceus1000 1 mese fa
@skittleboys2 O_o
DrunkDragonite23 1 mese fa
I tried this ... And it worked :P
SuperPaperSquirps 1 mese fa
dont you need
7 dragon balls
slaytanic911 1 mese fa 19
@slaytanic911 WOAH dragons have 7 ballz?! thats epic, lucky them !!!!
Pokewes11Pokemaster 1 mese fa
@slaytanic911 It wouldn't make a bit of difference, the balls are inert.
Fweefwee6 1 mese fa
does this even really work? 
shadowleo12345 1 mese fa
People always think I'm crazy when I talk to rocks
SomeLvl105 1 mese fa 3
these thing is always hack
Eternalsonataman 1 mese fa
and sunday!
extremespeed619 1 mese fa
Do you need Wailord?

025Reshiram 1 mese fa
*sparta style* THIS! IS! FAKE!
conyberry 1 mese fa
Hey, idiots. IT'S OBVIOUSLY A HACK. Not only is there an annotation saying its fake, but MO even SAYS it was a cheat.
PokeTec13 1 mese fa
thanks dosh bag
MsShiningEmerald 1 mese fa
It's true biatchez don't go hating on people for being noobs I have rayquaza now
jose55881 1 mese fa

zaloumarxos 1 mese fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

TheKingyoshi101 1 mese fa
do u need waillord and the other pokemon?
infamoussaltnpepa20 1 mese fa
at the end theres a speach bubble saying it was a lie
MsShiningEmerald 1 mese fa
how you get a locareo???
MsShiningEmerald 1 mese fa
is diz shit real
deondre40 1 mese fa
@deondre40 no its complete bullshit :L
Politoed10 1 mese fa
when ur going into a battel it never turns black :/ wierd
markdpmoffett 1 mese fa
MrPokehead 1 mese fa
it took me three hours to try fucker
PR0guy22 1 mese fa
@PR0guy22 He said out loud that it was a cheat
aCronicSTD123 1 mese fa
Lier I tryed step by step and I got nothing
legozombieman99 1 mese fa
@legozombieman99 He said it was a cheat. Pay attention.
aCronicSTD123 1 mese fa
Pretty funny.
Ninja1Ninja2 1 mese fa
did anyone see the advertisment with the guys messing around and doing stuff like using the force on cars
38Camando 1 mese fa
I actually tried this and everything that I did was the same but I didn't see Raquaza.
BellaMochi123 1 mese fa
@BellaMochi123 its fake, probably a hack im assumming
mooman55311 1 mese fa
does it work
EVOmilotic 1 mese fa
u can still yhrow the pokeballs if a wild pokemon is flying if it dosent catch it then it will still be in the air
sergiooo333oooigres 1 mese fa

stvness 1 mese fa
This is so fake I followed this step by step and got nothing but 45 minutes and a lava cookie wasted
custommarkers 1 mese fa
was rayquaza his first pookemon?

mudkipismymuddybuddy 1 mese fa
It only wrks first tme u go 2 celestial twr after u cmplte gme. u dn't hv 2 do the l;ava cookie stuff.
robkrussell 1 mese fa
alder does say in the game my old pal was here but you dont get rayquaza
Daniel14645Roblox 1 mese fa

Thegreatkirby132 1 mese fa
aww mines didnt work..
AgentP1999 1 mese fa
@skittleboys2 hehehhe....
AgentP1999 1 mese fa
man it didnt work for me i did everything :/ but i had different pokemon any help ill appreciate it
JustTheThing7 1 mese fa
wat a fake, It didnt even work. 1 lava cookie wasted
SuperHaMSh 1 mese fa
its a holks

icycaleb1 1 mese fa
well i did catch him -_- so why would i lie do exacly what he said maybe its because you didnt do it properly and im trying not to be mean ok so just deal with the fact that i caught it k my friend showed me and you had to everything that the guy said
rosezac98 1 mese fa
I hate it when decently sized youtubers upload this fake shit. It's something some random douchebag would post.
eltomlo 1 mese fa
this thing is a freakin hack don't get tricked kk
megayoshi02 1 mese fa
@awesome6542 He's skipping some parts of the video obviously. We all know what route he takes so it's unneccecary for him to waste our time showing it :P
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how did he fly to celestial tower directly without going to a city instead?
awesome6542 1 mese fa
why you have it and the its a fake video jackass
mangapalle977 1 mese fa
This is a lie. Stop the video the begining and read the blue box. The whole thing is a joke.
alfredgreen12 1 mese fa
awww man too bad you can't actually catch it normaly

denpanitkov 1 mese fa
Stop saying Rayquaza so weirdly, its so annoying D: 
PhiiRob 1 mese fa
you son of a bitch i really fuckin wanted a raquaza without trading.
GrandSunGod 1 mese fa nella playlist GrandSunGod's favorites
it actully worked for me O__O without a action replay
rosezac98 1 mese fa
@rosezac98 liyer
masterdiego93 1 mese fa
Realistic transition at 6.30
paulvh1996 1 mese fa
 wen u said with cheats coz u sed without cheatsLOLOL
Superlebo2 1 mese fa
mother fucker edited it
randommuchlol888 1 mese fa
U already caught Rayquaza before u met it?
Chippy348 1 mese fa
This is faker than my girlfriends orgasms.
GaryTheBountyHunter 1 mese fa
does it need to be a specific season
sporehunter1 1 mese fa
your also going to need ballz. lots of them trust me. LOL
skittleboys2 1 mese fa 19
mammamathews 1 mese fa
JoJoDoodleJoJo 1 mese fa
It's not real and not even a hack, the video was very well done though, you used after effects to edit ?
benjidanet 1 mese fa
is this true?
Skyyy28 1 mese fa
this is fake for people who believe its real. (which i think is very few) because for one he has an annotation in the beginning stating its fake and if you check or bulbapedia it says rayquaza is only attainable through poke transfer.
montagemayhem555 1 mese fa nella playlist Liked
Thanks Munchy guy!
Lannnyto 1 mese fa
it's not fake it real
Pokemonrock55 1 mese fa
so u need the Regi's i get it
Pokemonrock55 1 mese fa
didnt work :/
xTwitchez 1 mese fa
it worked for me
walruslikeyogurt 1 mese fa
i did it without the lava cookie and it work!!!!!!!!!!!!^^
TheSamuel1000 1 mese fa
It really is ... Real? o3o
Without ANY cheats? ¬¬'
Gueest22 1 mese fa
It's actually a little funny because you said you need a lot of balls, (You had like 60) and then you only use two. A BIG waste of money.
mollymousy28 1 mese fa
and its also pretty OBVIOUS that its fake.....
sergianX 1 mese fa
youre also gonna need balls, lots of them. when i heard that oh dude first you lie and now gay lines... not cool
sergianX 1 mese fa
there is realy a way to do it. my friend did it in pokemon white and i did in pokemon black. when you fight it it is at level 50. this video isnt how you do it. ill release a description video and a wlkthrough pice on how to do it.
walkthroughsmaster1 1 mese fa
it won't work on mine
AylienCBA 1 mese fa
@AylienCBA its fake
clubsucks44 1 mese fa
I noticed this video was fake when i saw the cheap image of Rayquaza flying. O.o
TheRandomName100 1 mese fa
0:37 "You're also gonna need balls, LOTS of them......" O_O Wow, MO I didn't know anyone had enough balls to say that.....
Weststartv2 1 mese fa
I have 1 form ss hh
pipextiny 1 mese fa
its no true
jorgeprego1998 1 mese fa
0:38 lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jordywaltz 1 mese fa
wow i thought at first is was cool but when i heard him say cheat i'm like what the heck. thumbs up if you agree with me
tennis483 1 mese fa 44
oh great what type of balls?balls of steel oh wait thats duke nukem.
Halo3GlitchMaster1 1 mese fa
i thought u had balls alreadu 0_o
BlazeNightBlood 1 mese fa
Lol, he said your gonna need balls.
alboshadowhunta 1 mese fa
MrMrBrotherstudios 1 mese fa
I am SOOOOOOOOOO doing this cuz Rayquaza is my favorite legendary!
M1stersupersonic8 1 mese fa
@M1stersupersonic8 lol dont its fake
killeraxx2000 1 mese fa
me 2 i tried it 2wice
Pokemoaster28 1 mese fa
if u notice it said tht he already cought rayquaza
Nejihyuga1234567890 1 mese fa
thats wat she said
Nejihyuga1234567890 1 mese fa
No, this is fake I just finished trying it and nothing happened it doesn't work.
DragonKing181989 1 mese fa
how is this fake im mean serously if u say this is fake then im asking you if u actually tried this
GIRru11 1 mese fa
@GIRru11 It is fake you moron, He edited the video to put that cutscene in and did a modifier to get him, And right when the video starts he left a thing saying its fake, God to kids these days not know how to read,
TheZombieSlay3rs 1 mese fa
@TheZombieSlay3rs Yay I am not the only one who caught on.
YOHvsnarutovsgoku 1 mese fa nella playlist Liked
@YOHvsnarutovsgoku Yeah sometimes these people on here are so annoying all they have to do is watch and you can see its clearly fake, and if this was a envent it would have the wild pokemon music. hahaha
TheZombieSlay3rs 1 mese fa
its not fake yo can u help me get that brown fish where do i get him at
xIVzDIxiCHiGO 1 mese fa
do you realy need whalelord and other
XXXcRaZyYuGiMoToXXX 1 mese fa
fake definatly
TheFluud 1 mese fa
Commento rimosso

kcknitlegt 1 mese fa
How the hell is this fake? And it works.
MrBlackGaia 1 mese fa
it says he already caught it
MrFlyersrule1234 1 mese fa
FlyingMonkeys7000 1 mese fa
good point
awesome3882 1 mese fa
awsome but kinda fake.
MrRene9697 1 mese fa
fake sorry is fake
MrSanti9999 1 mese fa
The editing obviously made the video fake.
JazzyTakerr 1 mese fa
i noticed it was a cheat when the battle began, the way the screen turned black like from burning was way too nice for a nintendo ds screen
BornAWinner11 1 mese fa
i saw something funny: the rayquaza which you fight is out emerald AND look left of the name it said you already catched it and that pokeball comes out emerald too. grow up
NLWalkthroughDude 1 mese fa
WHAHAHAHAHA what are you an idiot! the title says no cheat and you said: before we get started whit this cheat! you should stop putting this sh!t on youtube and get a life.
NLWalkthroughDude 1 mese fa
why does the american pokemon company pronounce rayquaza wrong?
supersonic2733 2 mesi fa
@supersonic2733 i know right! i also wonder why they pronounce pokemon wrong, the pronounce it po-KAY-mon or po-KEY-mon
BornAWinner11 1 mese fa
poopopification 2 mesi fa
poopopification 2 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

BornAWinner11 1 mese fa
dude your so stupid i can see the video from emerald when you find raquaza damn if your gonna make a video fucking dont lie stupid people
xNnoitra05 2 mesi fa
GmodPyro 2 mesi fa
so alder and cyntia hav raquaza
Asiannerd07 2 mesi fa
asianduckiefriend3 2 mesi fa
@asianduckiefriend3 its alders pokemon but he let him go
Asiannerd07 2 mesi fa

fudgebagprodutions 2 mesi fa
u also need balls alotof them lol
theevilrobots92 2 mesi fa
That doesn't work to me.
homersbigfan 2 mesi fa
Did anyone read "don't attpemt if you want to part with your lava cookie?"
1033werdna 2 mesi fa
Yo how do you catch relicanth in pokemon white????
ballsacker1238 2 mesi fa
@ballsacker1238 there is a very small patch of water in the south westish section of route 4, you need the super rod and one of those fishing dots to pop up. you should find it eventually.
ninjaSlayr 2 mesi fa
@ballsacker1238 Go and fish in the river in the desert
Tr3xClan 2 mesi fa
you can get rayquaza there where he catchs it but you dont need to do those steps
but you have to beat the game first
muzzaduzzaluzza 2 mesi fa
stuid cheat
Chuggaaaconroy1 2 mesi fa
Pfff.... Thats Simple Sony Vegas Light Effects and Rayquaza sound and sprites (in encounter) -.-''
Son Simplemente efectos de Sony Vegas de Iluuminacion y De poner Sprites en capas superiores -.-''
hipersonicc 2 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

reycangri 2 mesi fa
OMG!!! when i did the same as the uploader told... i encountered wild Chuck Norris with a bb gun.
DANCINGTEARS12345 2 mesi fa
is this real o fake?
1155michael 2 mesi fa
Thanks a bunch, MunchingOrange! You fooled us! Jackass...
ShinyPichu12345 2 mesi fa
lemgon1 2 mesi fa
sure ill add u too just tell me when ur usually on so we can trade
drifter158 2 mesi fa
Did you or MunchingOrange cheat?
cstafford88 2 mesi fa
Wow thats the best hack ever congrats good work! Well its REALLYYY obvious you actually copied the exact form of it from emerald i guess but its still a cool hack :D
greekid99 2 mesi fa
lol this has hack written all over it
Hydroophilic 2 mesi fa
PiggyDeathGod820 2 mesi fa
munchingorange,why u lie to me
ZKMsphere 2 mesi fa
FC::4942 5929 1689
add me
drifter158 2 mesi fa
@drifter158 yoooo richie ill add yu but can u help me evolve my boldore it has pokerus so maybe u want to pass it on to your team then trade it back to me. FC: 0476 0688 9629
Antflavoredsoda 2 mesi fa
So fake I wasted my only lava cookie and caught a sailors and relicanth for noting
dmoody1974 2 mesi fa
you need balls lots of them
h232144 2 mesi fa
Waoh I'll try it
hariesky1 2 mesi fa
it a hack you can tell it a rom but when i try it alder did show up on mine but no Rayquaza so this is a wast of time and items do not try it
chaoswars1 2 mesi fa
pokemon emerald sprite
gohanisaboss 2 mesi fa
Can I have a different pokemon instead of Wailord?
116icecream 2 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

blackbox64 2 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

blackbox64 2 mesi fa
thanks dude!!!
alpha2p 2 mesi fa
blackbox64 2 mesi fa
@banana5547 LO FRIKEN L
macaronitime74 2 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

mjwaybright 2 mesi fa
rayquaza did not show up for me
mjwaybright 2 mesi fa
he said bawls O_o eww
wildboymoo6 2 mesi fa
Is this legit?
Vietsteh 2 mesi fa
duhhhhhhhhhhhh its fake did u not see the notification
traester123 2 mesi fa

Simoncrew767 2 mesi fa
it not true i did it and it a lie!!!!!
paulrocksful 2 mesi fa
esto es una puta mirda

kukuxuander 2 mesi fa
is this true or not???
Raymart6543 2 mesi fa
his speekin so fast
jbutoudent 2 mesi fa
FlameLucario3 2 mesi fa
this is false!!!
alvarcej3 2 mesi fa
Did anyone else hear in the beginning he said "to begin this cheat" but the title says no cheat
GhostHunter1100 2 mesi fa 49
@GhostHunter1100 yeah i've heard it because when i done the steps i rang bell 3 times but he did not show up
98superrichard 2 mesi fa
@GhostHunter1100 yes thats right
MsFloh00 2 mesi fa
@GhostHunter1100 ya ,no wonder i cant get it
poopopification 2 mesi fa
@GhostHunter1100 ironicised himself
Jordywaltz 1 mese fa
mindcraft and rachet and clank rock
superswellow3 2 mesi fa
omg you suck
Darkassasin20 2 mesi fa
i don't understand any shit
ABCMurshomkingdom 2 mesi fa
@4oursword WTH? no he doesn't
SilverDusk1 2 mesi fa
You sound like Professor Oak in the anime.
4oursword 2 mesi fa
dawn you this is an cheat because you said on 0:25 mother fucker so its a FAKE!!!!!!!
98superrichard 2 mesi fa
like the video if it WORKS
dislike video if it DOESN'T WORKS

Grethmii 2 mesi fa
this is so retardically fake. It might fool people if you don include the lava cookie part
ohohothisrocks 2 mesi fa
this fake thats a Magikarp painted green O_o
banana5547 2 mesi fa 14
@TheGameStation yo youre such a troll if this shit doesnt work dont post it on youtube.
luisaviles567 2 mesi fa
I don't have Pokemon White/Black, so this is fake? Or no lol
MrDiMuccio 2 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

warpigs2380 2 mesi fa
do you have to put the lave cooki thare
warpigs2380 2 mesi fa
0:25 you said before we get started on this cheat
boilovespokemon 2 mesi fa
xXDarKEmXx 2 mesi fa
MrJz92 2 mesi fa
@MrJz92 actually the repel works when you have stronger pokemon than the wild pokemon no wonder it didnt work for you
DJKrisyKrisdude 2 mesi fa
whoa..... i was just about to try it when i saw all the comments.... are you sure....
bambooht45 2 mesi fa
dont waste your time doing that cause is fake
alexodark21 2 mesi fa
thumb this up so that everyone can know its fake and not waste a lava cookie like me. (unless you think its real)
SuperDuperSure 2 mesi fa
I dont care its fake i enjoy it! but when i saw this the first time THAT THIRD RING REALLY SCARED ME D;
barryasbak15 2 mesi fa
enteih20 2 mesi fa
I don't know if this has been said, but make sure the number of trainers on the boat is 4 (FOUR) to get a Lava Cookie. 3 will get you a Berry Juice, 5 an Old Gateau, 6 RageCandyBar and 7 Rare Candy.
Tararini 2 mesi fa
I knew this was fake because they said:HOW TO CATCH RAYQUAZA IN POKEMON BALCK AND WHITE WITHOUT CHEATS... and when the video started:BEFORE WE GET STARTED WITH THIS CHEAT
RoaringTR 2 mesi fa
I sware that the fly in of rayquaza is the same on this and on emerald so you know it is a fake and the battle music is a normal wild pokemon music, not a legend one and at the beginning you say no cheats but then you say to do this cheat WTF. i dont know why i even tried this and i dint save after i discarded my lava cookie incase this was a lie
CallOfDutyKid05 2 mesi fa
your gonna need

robot12995 2 mesi fa
waht hapend is not alder there?
mitakomoshi453 2 mesi fa
dude emerald's raquaza cut scene was better than this shit
partypizzas 2 mesi fa
Waste of my lava cookie and my time to get it
superiraqey 2 mesi fa
He said without cheats then when gameplay started he said "so to do this cheat"
superiraqey 2 mesi fa
jajaja jajajaja jajajaja xD jajaja
zanossukke 2 mesi fa
Munchingorange you do no that I saw that you had 301 master balls
perrythehockeystar9 2 mesi fa
you are stuped
legoboy6781 2 mesi fa
i love how in the begging of the video it says this video is a joke but so many still complain about not getting rayquaza
YMJ101 2 mesi fa
@Out2fly2 Sure! I will give a level 100 Shiny Milotic With Hydro Pump, Surf, Ice Beam and Blizzard
Destroyer5522 2 mesi fa
my friend acually tried this ha
halodestroyer21 2 mesi fa
U say In the begging of the video u say now to get started with this cheat
greatgallade 2 mesi fa
lie becuase the back round of the battle doesnt show sky its from anther battle
coolmusic159 2 mesi fa
i like how you have no cheats and say no cheats but right in the beginning you say "alright for this cheat your going to need..."
15turtlelover 2 mesi fa
do you need to finifsh the game??
MrPop49 2 mesi fa
I did this rayquaza wasn't there but alter was lol
GameReview111 2 mesi fa
6:31~ 6:32 sec why can moving?
nice one
No cheats hav edit only...
TheWinson6945 2 mesi fa
Why Do You Love To Trick Other People... ? =="
Pizzadomo 2 mesi fa
this video real or lie? looking this guy catch thad rayquaza not first times suck!!!
TheWinson6945 2 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

TheWinson6945 2 mesi fa
Munching Orange videos suck. Especcialy the Naval Rock vid
hallmason09 2 mesi fa
this rayquaza is false
gebrnaruto 2 mesi fa
EXOarts 2 mesi fa
do u defeat the elite 4 a second time or just not fight them a second time..leave the first time ??
45marvel 2 mesi fa
lulz i met munching orange in minecraft
TheDifferentPeople11 2 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

axiazul 2 mesi fa
I was playing that half-hour bell and appeared not Rayquaza
axiazul 2 mesi fa
kalle12399 2 mesi fa
@kalle12399 It's 100% real
meowmix1997cp 2 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

koromon2010 2 mesi fa
hacker lol
Vincent2000ify 2 mesi fa
I got all ls. Trade you garatina.
nellbellsnell 2 mesi fa
its fake: 1) i don't see any glitch in this video.
2) Rayquaza's music is copied from emerald
3) Since this is not a glitch, its normal black/white procedure. However, top pokemon sites say nothing of getting rayquaza in black/white without trading/transfering
4) The big rock is PURPLE not RED
Freakatmeat 2 mesi fa
@Freakatmeat its not:1) you never even tried to see one.
2)the same legendarys have the same music.
3)anyone can just post a random thing on top pokemon sites.
4)didnt you see it is purple dumass.
Bowen67890 2 mesi fa
@Bowen67890 this is definetly fake.. u can clearly see that the rayquaza scene is edited.... and u can also see the anntation at the begining
John246l 2 mesi fa
@Bowen67890 there is no glitch........................nobody can post random stuff on pokemon.marriland, and that site is 100% accurate............he called the purple rock red. so YOUR the dumass, u dumass
Freakatmeat 2 mesi fa
its fake it shows he has caught it
BAT19992010 2 mesi fa
aww man i wasted my lava cookie
justme33441 2 mesi fa
hihi you already catched it before :D
dvchel 2 mesi fa
lol does it actually work?
emolad1411999 2 mesi fa
wow much pokemon players play minecraft :D
redkillrabbit 2 mesi fa 8
@redkillrabbit i play minecraft i have diamond and gold (64)
its realy deep
and you can do whit bone meal you can do whit bones can you grow in 3 sec 1 wheat
KillerA910 2 mesi fa
hack no realy
IIFranzaII 2 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

Out2fly2 2 mesi fa
everyone says this is fake i aggre
Out2fly2 2 mesi fa
botterjaze 2 mesi fa
@botterjaze not funny
Out2fly2 2 mesi fa
siiiiiiick 2 rayqaza?
MrGunBuzterS123 2 mesi fa
This was worse than being rick rolled -_-
OGZxRYAN 2 mesi fa
it is not real but don't us bad language
StellaC17 2 mesi fa
Look at Rayquaza his name, there is already a pokeball at it, so it means he already has 1... FAKE
Wazap1997 2 mesi fa
i was going to believe that until the "FAKE" rayquaza came and the ruby and sapphire legendary music came
ichigoispokemon 2 mesi fa
101Tigerheart 2 mesi fa
@101Tigerheart Good luck with that...
roselialex 2 mesi fa
@101Tigerheart dude its not real
mudkiplover08 2 mesi fa
@101Tigerheart gl wasting your lava cookie XD
gongojoable 2 mesi fa
Why did u waste time when u can use a quick ball?
JerV3551 2 mesi fa
is this even real?

dylanthunderbolt18 2 mesi fa
@dylanthunderbolt18 no
vINeoIv 2 mesi fa
OMG, it's Rayquaza!
...nope,  just Chuck Testa.
meandyouher 2 mesi fa 9
Maybe u guys forgot to place THE COOKIE?

barryasbak15 2 mesi fa
duh this is fake mr cookie man- here you are Fuzzy808x3
MrBlackPikachu 2 mesi fa
how to catxh rayquaza without cheats.. Before we get started with this cheat.... FAIL!!!
liljetsetta 2 mesi fa
Rayquaza is already captured......why??? you already know, all of you!
theFIST98 2 mesi fa
Why can't I do this?!? I did everything correctly! I even did it 3 times in a row, and no difference. Can somebody please help me???
Fuzzy808x3 2 mesi fa
@Fuzzy808x3 its fake1
AjitGillmvp8 2 mesi fa
*facepalm* its not pronounced ray-QUAY-za its ray-QUA-za.....
DjCandyApple 2 mesi fa
@DjCandyApple The narrator in the English dub says rai-QUAY-za, so therefore, that is the official pronunciation.
TheMiraculousS 2 mesi fa
I beat the elite four already! :3

DaDominoMan 2 mesi fa
....... Flood the cave? REALLY MAN!?!? FLOOD THE CAVE!!! UR UNDERWATER!! its already full of water... How can u flood something thats already flooded?
rbalvedi28 2 mesi fa
@rbalvedi28 with inception
maguc1 2 mesi fa
must you need a lava cookie?
JerV3551 2 mesi fa
0:38 : " You're also gonna need balls! Lots of them!! "
Slhtubit92 2 mesi fa 37
howd u fly from the diving spot to the tower it didnt let me
Daprotecter 2 mesi fa

rakker9797 2 mesi fa
DeseptiKonz 2 mesi fa
How I knew this was fake: Rayquaza's poorly edited fly in tipped me off.
XxD1EAN0TH3RD4YxX 2 mesi fa 29
@XxD1EAN0TH3RD4YxX not everything n this pokemon game is perfect :/
ultraness1 2 mesi fa
completed pokemon diamond now i go for the black vers=)
NewTopGamer 2 mesi fa
6:24 Rayquaza looks annoying!
321finalfantasy 2 mesi fa
Orange's Money : 56710 Orange: and ur gonna need a lot of balls , lots of them! Trust me!. *buys 47 Ultra balls* money left: 310 ! me: WTF !!
321finalfantasy 2 mesi fa
0:22 0:26

Superbeestjes 2 mesi fa
bloodnivel70 2 mesi fa
How did you get dive
AGRIF01 2 mesi fa
guys its fake
rickmex3 2 mesi fa
Fail,You already have a Rayquaza WTF?
TheFranco10002 2 mesi fa
"you're gonna need balls, lots of them! trust me!!" LMAO!!!
kashi58 2 mesi fa
u guys are all nubs who wasted ur lava cookie jsut trade from sapphire noobs LOL
erbee123 2 mesi fa
is real?
LoverofLinklobo 2 mesi fa
do arceas in white

metalband2010 2 mesi fa
a big lie
jawheelie 2 mesi fa
waste of a lava cookie
nextgretsky 2 mesi fa
i rang the bell after alder laf
DragonSolder2000 2 mesi fa
guys i know you are exided but dont say bad words okay=
2003EIK 2 mesi fa
You can actually use a Poke Ball on a Pokemon while it's flying,diving,or digging and you can cancel it's attack(On a wild Pokemon).
TheSuperSnorlax4908 2 mesi fa
Sony vegas much?
TheLonelyGrovyle 2 mesi fa
You did read the 'it's a joke' comment, right?
Hyperneosonic97 2 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

Hyperneosonic97 2 mesi fa
F*****G hell F**K F**K AND F**K i gotta try that THANKS MUNCHING ORANGE
TheThekoolguys 2 mesi fa
no its a lie
Infernape4545 2 mesi fa
its working for me he there :D it true
Infernape4545 2 mesi fa
its working for me he there :D it ture
Infernape4545 2 mesi fa
I trusted you,but my lava cookie is gone and no Rayquaza.
DiloctheDarkBuizel 2 mesi fa
lol same sprite from hg/ss (when it is entering)
smb963 2 mesi fa
Idon't wanna try this cause if i do it and it's at lie then i gonne lose a lava cookie o_o
Justieand 2 mesi fa
lol your gonna need lots of balls
webmaster142 2 mesi fa
fuck munching orange
DragonballAddict9001 2 mesi fa
WTF?!?!?!?!? THX MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MrMohammad1596 2 mesi fa
6:42 did you munching orange get rayquaza??!
fyllo2010 2 mesi fa
wow. epic fail. u lied, then 4 seconds later, tell the truth on mistake
TopsiTopsi123 2 mesi fa
fake and just go to pokemon selter
devdey 2 mesi fa
bet that guy is gay
megayoshi02 2 mesi fa
i tried it just now its not real

shakkae123 2 mesi fa
That was cool, I'm not sure if that were real (highly doubt it was real) but still awesome. Also, your voice sounds like people from the CoD Zombie Easter eggs
Bunneh8 2 mesi fa
fuck u fuck u u cheater cheating is for losers
Chikorita75 2 mesi fa
i think it is real altho i havent tried it
suliboy25 2 mesi fa
boring....i just have all cheats..check out my page for full cheat codes....
1212jethro 2 mesi fa
Haha these things are awesome, like the CoD Zombie achievements but for Pokemon.
damo279 2 mesi fa
MrTrenton12345 2 mesi fa
It didn't work for me :(
233light 3 mesi fa
fuck you

XDEquinox 3 mesi fa
GOD FUCKIN BLESS YOU!!! that doesnt make sense lolz
dialgarocks1 3 mesi fa

Multialex1101 3 mesi fa
i did everything what u did and nothing appeared -.- lyer
Chntalx 3 mesi fa
this is a cheat.............. however how did he get the rayquaza to do circle the tower
kuhan24 3 mesi fa
it would b kool if this would b real
orest395 3 mesi fa
dialgarocks1 3 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

dialgarocks1 3 mesi fa
WTF?whats your problem cheater?
Junior18887 3 mesi fa
i like how everyone gets mad cause they were retarded enough to believe this
omgitsclinton 3 mesi fa
@omgitsclinton ..........he did say it was a cheat and a glitch......i havent tried it yet tho
dialgarocks1 3 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

omgitsclinton 3 mesi fa
is that real?
sharkpyro93 3 mesi fa
u mother f**ker u dumb as* U aaaaaaaaaa
i did it in a half an hower wasted a lawa cukie coght 2 wastles pokemon aaaaaaaa!!!
zzzobitozzz 3 mesi fa nella playlist Liked
nice fucking cheat dumbass!
m4c43ver 3 mesi fa
fail this is fake
rigize 3 mesi fa
thank you
Hardy50000 3 mesi fa
this video lies i threw away my lava cookie at the rocks read all of them i even got all relics from every floor raquaza wasnt there you liarssssssssssssssssss
ramminnodols 3 mesi fa
i got lots of balls :P lol
Killer1981able 3 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

afrogsfriend 3 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

bryanchoong1 3 mesi fa
"balls ur going to need lots of them"XDDDDD
superninja0419 3 mesi fa
@superninja0419 that gay u thinking mad wrong
MrShadhadowslayer468 3 mesi fa
@Jeaniusful Did u watch my videos? ( ocgear ) i got a new account. u can use a glitch in the GTS
I have reshiram with zekrom moves and hydro pump and rehiram specials.
i have lvl 1 reshiram and zekrom shiny.
i have a special magikarp,shiny lvl 100 roar of time flamethrower and other moves i forget. :P im better
sughoste 3 mesi fa
to bad this is fake :(
Qcoolness 3 mesi fa
lols u use hacked u failed...coz when u encountered rayquaza there is a pokeball icon stating that u have caught it previously....
ryugunou95 3 mesi fa
If this does not work I'm going to dislike this video!
RightStar2000 3 mesi fa
@RightStar2000 Oh no! Run for your life! :O
anandihouben 3 mesi fa
MrSupermariorocks 3 mesi fa
i did it well nohthing happen
8108angela 3 mesi fa
how do u get whallord and the other pokemon
thejordan427 3 mesi fa
I've gotta say, even though it's fake, it was actually a really good attempt at making it seem legit. At least it had a deserving ending, not like others where they are just about to show it, and start playing Rick Astley...
anonymous66136 3 mesi fa
I just want a second rayquaza and for some resin I get scared when I enter the water thing
videogamemaster223 3 mesi fa
MunchingOrange's "Catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Black & White, WITH Cheats!"
iNefarian 3 mesi fa
The cheat is making rayquaza back as he alrdy caught 1
MegaSpecialx 3 mesi fa
This guy is just lying about CHEAT actually is real
MegaSpecialx 3 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

nofear5824 3 mesi fa
I really did it fake
pokemonblack1000 3 mesi fa
you know a dragonite has all of the moves
nekesashairtv 3 mesi fa
0.22: "How to catch Rayquaza without cheats!"
0.26: "Before we get started with this cheat...."
Scuro1000 3 mesi fa 94
@Scuro1000 yea

zzzobitozzz 3 mesi fa nella playlist Liked
@Scuro1000 EPIC FAIL!
pokefreak2461 2 mesi fa
it didnt work
ManuelCelebi 3 mesi fa
Were Also Gonna Need Ballz(thats what she said)
SuperGoldenGlory2001 3 mesi fa

SuperLeon2312 3 mesi fa
Hey did it all but i didnt trash the lava cookie and rayquaza didnt appear.
do i have to trash the lava cookie as well so rayquaza can appear?By the way alden was waiting for me but no rayquaza
aggeloc2904 3 mesi fa
your so loud!
Greendinoranger3999 3 mesi fa
if he does make a reshiram in white vid its gonna b fake
TheDallascbfan 3 mesi fa
I am a fan of you and videos but stop making FAKE glitches!
stupidassemolgas 3 mesi fa
kentoman2 3 mesi fa
burnfireblaze45jb 3 mesi fa 21
Can anyone tell me if this is real b4 I try it
citykidyo 3 mesi fa
@citykidyo he told you its fake you dumbass
MrChrismwa 3 mesi fa
@MrChrismwa dude i saw this at 4 in the morning on my ipod without sound because i lost my headphones and didn't wanna wake anyone up so stop being such a dickhead
citykidyo 3 mesi fa
how is this fake
ThePokemonvidmaker 3 mesi fa
I'm not too sure about this but it proves
yohanssj5 3 mesi fa
thanks dude it worked
sonicrules471 3 mesi fa
@sonicrules471 does it actualy work
calord1 3 mesi fa
wow people you never know it might be real. and if this is not real ill go suiside because of it.
orginization13rocks 3 mesi fa
fake! i cant believe it! it was so cool to get a rayquaza! i knew it! darn!
1998MasterShadow 3 mesi fa
you can tell its fake of course if you thought it was real you failed
YoungWubz281 3 mesi fa
hey arent u nintindo buzz??

MrLegoman518 3 mesi fa
rayquaza have not shadow..i'ts just one skill.
Canogabang 3 mesi fa
I'ts totaly fake..
Canogabang 3 mesi fa
ur guna need balls ALOT of them
firegater22 3 mesi fa 2
its fake look at the grahpics on raycuaza and the graphics on a zekrom and you will see

andreas9848 3 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

SuperAflanagan 3 mesi fa
TheExchange5 3 mesi fa
Didnt work! The bell ringing is normal
BachuruXD 3 mesi fa
I did all the steps right didn't work
Firewolf6785 3 mesi fa
When he use dive 2:30 the background is blue and when he used fly 4;01 it was white.
MrInaki74 3 mesi fa
this is fake!!
luizenzak1 3 mesi fa
What a fuckn jack ass
proudmom2dancers 3 mesi fa
he already caught rayquza before, u can see ball before the name
ansesh 3 mesi fa
Me and my frenid tried and it dint work bitch make a real one bitch
harrison4038 3 mesi fa
...his this real?
Kid4Poke 3 mesi fa
good thing rayquaza is in the sky
duskvids 3 mesi fa
rayquaza did u call me? :)
duskvids 3 mesi fa
u effing fraud. i wanna battle u with my lv 100 Kyruem, Dialga, Palkia, Zekrom, Reshiram and Girantina and show u raw power!! ha and if anyone wants a Mewtwo lv 70 or over trade me a Genesect.
NightWolfDark1 3 mesi fa
notice he says "before we get started with this cheat..."
jakebob911 3 mesi fa
@jakebob911 derrrrrp no shit
screenON14 3 mesi fa
thats cool, rayquazzza is back fr4om the dead!
ShivamPokemonFan 3 mesi fa
stopp with this!
i like that video its not work but its good hacked;-)
torhavard1 3 mesi fa
This is sooooooo hacked, but it would make a great encounter with rayquaza if it were real
Dragonking246810 3 mesi fa
@Dragonking246810 its suposed to be a joke
screenON14 3 mesi fa
no cheats, but hacked XD
klobusklomeister 3 mesi fa
it does not work and i tried it for trying sake and i done everything he said to do as well
reddude1567 3 mesi fa
I quit watching after he said he'll see you at the Pokemon league. So stupid...
RioluAuraSphere 3 mesi fa
This is effen fake! It didn't work
theshadowdude12 3 mesi fa
you suck
gernade923546 3 mesi fa
u can also get a lava cookie on a sunday too
extremespeed619 3 mesi fa
Your Party Pokemon kinda stink...When I Had mine before my dog chewed it up I had all my Party pokemon on 75 ! :P Pokefreak?
iLithiumAngel 3 mesi fa

yomanlolfugl 3 mesi fa
yomanlolfugl 3 mesi fa
glitch my ass jajajajajaja this kiddos and their stupid bullshit videos of "secrets" dear good humanity is running out xP
Haganeno2386 3 mesi fa
didnt work
999darkhorse 3 mesi fa
@999darkhorse bitch this is hacked!!!!!
hailfirephoenix1704 3 mesi fa
wait. so does this work or not?
mentalistswag 3 mesi fa
you r using a emulator
ajacques12345 3 mesi fa
is that true!!!?
mayormario16 3 mesi fa
is that true!!!
mayormario16 3 mesi fa
lol nice video to make people fell like idiots
zpazfilms 3 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

WeWillAnnoyYou 3 mesi fa
omg!!! they are gonna make a remake of ruby and sapphire look at the clues they borught back dive u need a wailord 1st in ur party and relincath last there is alot more things but i cant remember what they were
edwinnie69 3 mesi fa
@edwinnie69 Lol, its fake.
moviefiesta 3 mesi fa
@moviefiesta yeah ik it is it says in the beginning but i still think there gonna remake those games
edwinnie69 3 mesi fa
I did all of this and it didn't work i beated the elite four is that the problem
EpsgPrO 3 mesi fa
@EpsgPrO Its fake xD
moviefiesta 3 mesi fa
awsome and epic
Cutebunny1112 3 mesi fa
Alder is there anyways and says all of that i did it like months ago but yeah this one is as good as your emerald! gotta say! :P
GameCenter009 3 mesi fa
ElectroZebstrika 3 mesi fa
infact i tried it and alder was there but no rayquaza
0505Hazza 3 mesi fa
hw cum u got 1 already cheat
0505Hazza 3 mesi fa
SO FAKE USE THE DAM RAyqauza music battle they even use it heart gold and sou silver
Birdyroxas 3 mesi fa
oh its fake..!
321finalfantasy 3 mesi fa 8
@321finalfantasy no its real i did it and it work
matthewrocks111 3 mesi fa
321finalfantasy 3 mesi fa
are you doing this for commet's only our just showing off bi***
iboyhuman 3 mesi fa
this is bull shit and waste of my time fake!!!
djr3y90 3 mesi fa
Rayquaza has no shadow? FAKE!
Booster137 3 mesi fa
Hey you really like wasting yout life right mmmm.....just go kill yourself HACKER
foodmaster2011 3 mesi fa
fake bullshit.

zetsu69z 3 mesi fa
i see what you did there T_T
fromthatonemovie 3 mesi fa
dont do this it doesnt work i spent 3 hours on this for nothing
rossisboss23 3 mesi fa
this cheat didnt work...
4lifecreate 3 mesi fa
@4lifecreate Cause its fake dude
Critchley1101 3 mesi fa
does it rly have to be wailor and relicanth plz reply i want 1 sooooooooooo badly
girlove900 3 mesi fa
It's fake because when he battles Rayquaza there isn't it's theme
PythasMaster 3 mesi fa
does this rly work??
CharlieIsBankai 3 mesi fa
why rayquaza sprite is from emerald?
da974Eita 3 mesi fa
nice sprites from mystery dungeon on rayquaza. I feel bad for people who tried this... Use DNS codes. I got a shaymin with Dns and a shiny pikachu.
09anthonyG 3 mesi fa
shockwave346 3 mesi fa
621 ppl attemped to do this but failed

jeffawott 3 mesi fa
what happens if u did the part with the elite 4 guy all redy ?

aj45off 3 mesi fa
On bulbapedia it says you can't catch Rayqauza in pokemon B/W
TheNewGirlGamer 3 mesi fa
"You're gonna need balls lots of balls"
emerl98 3 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

hailfirephoenix1704 3 mesi fa
it failed :( i must have did somthing wrong lets see i got the lava cookie i talked to the walls i trashed the lava cookie at the last thing/wall i rang the bell three times wat went roung? i got wailord in first and relicanth in last
chaossonic9999 3 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

hailfirephoenix1704 3 mesi fa
@chaossonic9999 youre a bitch this a cheat shit listen carefully at second 26
hailfirephoenix1704 3 mesi fa
Yo whoever post this needs to stop
mastergamer551 3 mesi fa
This sht don't work
MyJayjay21 3 mesi fa
i don think i can fit alout of balls in my ball sack :\
stevemagana59 3 mesi fa
how can this be real
bigeminemfan1 3 mesi fa
i thought it wasnt a cheat lol he lied to everyone -_- waste of my time and waste of items >:( :(
ry19an99 3 mesi fa
00:19=how to catch rayquaza without cheats
00:24=Before we start with this cheat...
shay1737 3 mesi fa
00:19= How to catch rayquaza without cheats
00:20=Before we start with this cheat
shay1737 3 mesi fa
@whitefangsharpclaws nope didn't catch that but did catch the cutout of rayquaza from heartgold
ry19an99 3 mesi fa
On one hand, I totally fell for this and wasted my time, thinking this was real.
But on the other hand, cross-research led me to discover that the Abyssal Ruins has 4 floors...something I didn't know and wouldn't have found out if I hadn't been messing around in there thanks to this video. Plus, I got my first Relicanth and Gorebyss caught in the process.
So in a way, I'm not too upset over falling for this and wasting a lava cookie. :P
charemthecharmeleon 3 mesi fa
"My old partner is restign here at the Celestial Tower. It was the first Pokemon i received when i became a trainer."
Alder's first pokemon was a Rayquaza?!?! O.O
iRegretEverything95 3 mesi fa 33
@iRegretEverything95 MLG Pro Status
FadedTheFallenSpirit 3 mesi fa
@iRegretEverything95 NO HIS FIRST POKEMON I DEAD!
blagu10 3 mesi fa
I will see
ry19an99 3 mesi fa
Me too I already talked to him but does it seem to anyone that if it doesnt work that maybe it is ar?
ry19an99 3 mesi fa
@ry19an99 lol you did notice he sed at 00:26 before we get started with cheat?
WhiteFangSharpClaws 3 mesi fa
i already went up and talked to alder will it still work for me.
Zoepiee 3 mesi fa
6:05 Are you ready? .... Dramatic and hilarious music come on. :D
ph3n0m3n0nph3n0m3n0n 3 mesi fa
Talked to alder rang the bell and rayquaza did not come
epicagent411 3 mesi fa
stupid f**k.
thepokemario111 3 mesi fa
00:19 : how to catch rayquaza in pokemon black and white without cheats.
00:26 : before we get started with this cheat....
blasto0g 3 mesi fa 76
you probably already know this but,
he means without cheating, by getting started with the cheat he means spoiler, not cheat
c00lstuff1 3 mesi fa
@c00lstuff1 yea i knew, i just kinda found it ironic and funny how immediately after he said without cheats, he mentioned it was a cheat.
blasto0g 3 mesi fa
@blasto0g yeah excactley
ilovemoshimonster100 3 mesi fa
didnt work

Switchpain 3 mesi fa
omg this works

2567zaza 3 mesi fa
-.- is this fake??............
857694 3 mesi fa
@857694 Yes, yes it is. :)
Zekrom122000 3 mesi fa
If u want to save ur lava cookie save after getting it
pichulover100 3 mesi fa
is fake ... did not notice?
max12342sdfgfvghcf 3 mesi fa
What if you already talked to rider? Does it still work then? Cause I talked to him already without knowing about this...:(
MyChemistry3 3 mesi fa
where is that ship?
nikiforosthegreek 3 mesi fa
@nikiforosthegreek  castelia city
ultraness1 3 mesi fa
where is that ship?
nikiforosthegreek 3 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

MyJayjay21 3 mesi fa
IT seriously
p00pSHIELD 3 mesi fa
It's fake or he's got a lot of friends who dont want their master balls
TishTatem 3 mesi fa
is this real? has it worked for anyone
BlueflareBoltstrike1 3 mesi fa
Orange my little brother did everything but when he played it said he had to fight 6 people
Luchia61695 3 mesi fa
@Laruzu no its real idiot i got it
RobloxSk8Dude 3 mesi fa
Thats fake in the moment when rayquaza appeared you will see the graphic of the rayquaza is an heart gold graphic
Cloudstrife688 3 mesi fa
@Cloudstrife688 and in black white too moron your just one of those "HATERS"
RobloxSk8Dude 3 mesi fa
i try but don't appear :'(
XxTheUltraxX 3 mesi fa
Hey 45marvel he did beat the game otherwise why whuld he have access to the right map part?? Idiot TRY PLAYING IT
Simon6764 3 mesi fa
Lol "your also going need "ballz""
Simon6764 3 mesi fa
You Are So Cool
IPieman112233 3 mesi fa
@Laruzu ru sure
IPieman112233 3 mesi fa
and i also rang the bell three times asswhole
GregorOmega 3 mesi fa
GregorOmega 3 mesi fa
why did it not work craaaap i was going to use that lava cookie stupid head
aidanashtonaxelf 3 mesi fa
This is a total fake and waste of time!
TheAAA123450 3 mesi fa
no cheats huh???!!! PAUSE AT 2:12 301 master balls BITCH!! I CAUGHT YOU!!
mattbeniza14 3 mesi fa
@mattbeniza14 if u were smart.... he hasnt beaten the game fuck face!!!....
45marvel 3 mesi fa
@45marvel what does that have to do with him having 301 master balls?
mattbeniza14 3 mesi fa
@mattbeniza14 True its true this is a cheat, no doubt, plus
0:19-0:23- "how to catch rayquaza in pokemon black and white whitout cheats"
0:26-0:27- " before we get started with this cheat.." What?... srsly dont waste your time guys...
4everpokemonfreak 3 mesi fa
the video is ultra fake
ClubBeyblade09 3 mesi fa
is the rayqaza from Pokemon mystery dugeon =W=
netogc97 3 mesi fa
at the start it even said it was fake
digasaur 3 mesi fa
@Fernie531 did u beat the elite four a second time :P
kenny8295 3 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

pokemon12389 3 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

orestis182 3 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

orestis182 3 mesi fa
Guys this is so a fake. Just look at the sprite of Rayquaze when it comes. Stuff like this is easly done with Video Edit Programms such as Adobe Premiere...
Cloudiius 3 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

punxrockgirl 3 mesi fa
reply to me if it ACTUALLY work
gamesforpros1 3 mesi fa
gamesforpros1 3 mesi fa
gamesforpros1 3 mesi fa
uhm when i went fishing in route 4 i couldn't encounter a relicanth. Can u giv me an advice?
gamesforpros1 3 mesi fa
@gamesforpros1 hey this pokemonmaster640 go to the water and run around until you see a bubble and then use your super rod until you find it
pokemonmaster640 3 mesi fa
@gamesforpros1 wait for rippling water and fish in it
tr123456789ful 3 mesi fa
sorry but how do you capture rayquaza
MrTroussin 3 mesi fa
If i already saw alder before doing the undersea thingy would i still have a chance?
balloonhearts 3 mesi fa
@xadgryhq9999  were
ambreezymood 3 mesi fa
Wasted 8 minutes of my life. -_-
ShinyBibarel 3 mesi fa
rayquaza didn't have a shadow and rayquaza would have the legendary battle music at least and there are no shadows like that lighting in pokemon before the rayquaza fight
Dragonmist19X 3 mesi fa
puppetmaster33516 3 mesi fa
it worked for me
puppetmaster33516 3 mesi fa
@puppetmaster33516 rreally

ambreezymood 3 mesi fa
@ambreezymood relly its level 84 now but took forever to catch it
puppetmaster33516 3 mesi fa
This is FAAAKE!
97Exodia 3 mesi fa
It didn't work
26Djdj 3 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

manixero100 3 mesi fa
@manixero100 you cleary suck major ass if you actually use action replay on Pokemon.
LavaFlaminG6 3 mesi fa
Your also gonna need balls..
legendofzeldafan123 3 mesi fa
@legendofzeldafan123 Ikr xD
ThePrototypeT 3 mesi fa
Epic FAIL!!!
LunarionDVH 3 mesi fa
do you all got relicath and walli bigthing on your set ?
Gaksit 3 mesi fa
i did everything this threw away lava cookie ringed bell three times and nothing
tomezine 3 mesi fa
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Last Year



well i did everything in the video and saw alder and still no rayquaza.........what gives?
Destiny3475 3 mesi fa
I did not see alder so did not work :(
smaogirl 3 mesi fa
Cheats, cheats everywhere
Sueky7 3 mesi fa
roshowns 4 mesi fa
your gonna need balls... lots of em!
TheDuncanlover1 4 mesi fa
Rayquaza Catching Guide
1. go to pokemon league's pokemon center then buy a load of timer balls
2. do all the stuff from this video
3. when rayquaza appears use a move like thunder wave a move that inflicts a status problem that doesnt damage the foe
4. use false swipe use it using a level 100 use it until its hp is 1
5. use the timerball you brought in step 1
6. if the timer ball doesnt work keep using stat raising moves or false swipe then use it
awsomelazor 4 mesi fa
wow your a fail i spent a long time on it and it failed
thebossoffear 4 mesi fa
you r a phsycopath
legoblaster123 4 mesi fa
do you have to see alder because I already did before I tried to do this, alder was not there and and I could not catch Rayquaza.
marpar92au 4 mesi fa
your gonna need ballz and a lot of them HA lolz
Edward111isawesome 4 mesi fa
this better work i just spent 4 hours getig alava cookie getting wailmer then evolving it and catching relicanth but my ds died waiting for it to charge
TheTiamobaby 4 mesi fa
me and my brother try this and u r a fucking ass we try and try but it dint work thumbs up if agree
90izquierdo 4 mesi fa
Good video how long did it take to get the reclinth
Jamason2000 4 mesi fa
WTF !!!!! You F**** Liyng You JackAss
I Spend At Least 3 hour's to catch BUT WHATT !!!
It was a Joke F U
Nigtshow 4 mesi fa
@Nigtshow it said it was a joke at the first part stupid ideot
iona597 4 mesi fa
no cheat there is no way possible he could have made rayquazas sprite apear
TyZeR1734 4 mesi fa
Mrprimaldialga 4 mesi fa
it does not work i just did it
koda839 4 mesi fa
ok it dindnt
supermariologon64 4 mesi fa
dude I found Rayguaze with out the lava cookie
supermariologon64 4 mesi fa
he said this is a joke
MultiFreaknik 4 mesi fa
it says you have catched it faker!
angelitoproductions1 4 mesi fa
yeah its a hack and @firemans13 thats true so yeah RWJ would say fake and gay
superamphoros12 4 mesi fa
This is fake even though it is blegh its gd 2 watch
xadgryhq9999 4 mesi fa
you can't its fake
highside11100 4 mesi fa
its fake dummy
highside11100 4 mesi fa
I saw this one my mobile so there were no annotations I hate my life
MrMega3 4 mesi fa
my sis told me this is fake. i did not know!
highside11100 4 mesi fa
this doesnt make sence
ChopChopChomp 4 mesi fa
@agardner2177 I'm interested in trading for a zoura I'll email u when I get farther in the game. I don't care what particular nature it is as long as it's decent. I'm not really sure what pokemon u would be interested in but I'll email u about it later.
fcbarcalona40 4 mesi fa
and i tried that didn`t work
tomezine 4 mesi fa
you really can`t fly to celestial tower
tomezine 4 mesi fa
Even being fake, it's a really good video
GamerBoy1396 4 mesi fa
for what do you need relicate
unidedfatalitydude 4 mesi fa
Thats a fail he says " how to catch rayquaza without a cheat. Enjoy. Ok to start with this cheat" thats such an epic fail
p3drop3r3z 4 mesi fa
This only works if u didnt go there before u did the stone cause i went before i saw this video and the alder thing happens the first time you go back to the tower after beating the story
BloodGallade 4 mesi fa
Guys it actually works it worked for me even though the first couple of times to get the lava cockie but it works
kevinpreisach 4 mesi fa
@kevinpreisach it doesn't work asshole this is fucking fake
iratuus 4 mesi fa
You cheated!!! Don't watch this.
pikapika958 4 mesi fa
Laruzu 4 mesi fa 3
Ifound relicanth
xadgryhq9999 4 mesi fa
i tryd it and it did not work
brandonmccarrison 4 mesi fa
how do u get the pass to get on the boat
904just 4 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

agardner2177 4 mesi fa
6:11 - 6:32
1.That's CLEARLY editing.
2.If Rayquaza is a ledgendary,why isn't there special music?
magicmiloticftw 4 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

highside11100 4 mesi fa
We all know this is a cheat you pathetic haxer
sancage 4 mesi fa
i have 2 questions:
if you talk with mirto (the champion) in the celestial tower before trash the lava cookie, it works yet?
why do the wailord and the relicant are necesary for do this??
Nico9884 4 mesi fa
so wars fast bei mir auch so nur er kam nich ??
MrOrangemarmalde 4 mesi fa
wat the hell nothing happend! D:<
SanJosedeRabago 4 mesi fa
Just get afew master balls n u can catch him in a minute, on emerald its a pain usin ultra balls cuz u gotta time it just right
TheMasterlamborghini 4 mesi fa
WOW. it actually worked for me.
koalawilliam123 4 mesi fa
So does it have 2 b before u get ZEKROM cuz I did it aldor was not there and ya
jssbalderaz1 4 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

666luislara 4 mesi fa
Is did fucking work
666luislara 4 mesi fa
jajaja idiot, yuo think that we are stupid, idiot man
Elikjah 4 mesi fa
thats gay bro!
TheGws12345 4 mesi fa
Well I have my own Rayquaza lvl 100 a long time pokemon of mine from my emerald game I got in 2006 its been through a lot of travels through diamond soulsilver and now white
sancage 4 mesi fa
what time do you get on the boat at
flyguy1162 4 mesi fa
-_- So I Did All These Things I Got The Lava Cookie, I Had A Wailord And Relicanth, I Put Wailord First And Relicanth Last, I Talked To All The Things In The Right Order, Went To Celestial Tower, I Saw Alder, Then I Rang The Bell 3 Times. He Didn't Come Out So Now I'm Super Pissed.
Fernie531 4 mesi fa 9
WTF?? hahaah Rayquaza is fully equal to the olds games, do you think we are idiots? xD
ashezxa 4 mesi fa
this stuff suck bad who agrees
everything443 4 mesi fa 17
@everything443 MunchingOrange does not suck bad, sir. This really works.
mojo123inc 4 mesi fa
es con poketransfer
goku600ify 4 mesi fa
@goku600ify como con poketransfer?
WizardDani89 4 mesi fa
NICE VIDIO MAN IT WORKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PokemonRule75257 4 mesi fa
i all ready talked to alder but then i tried this, didnt work
qwertyboy676 4 mesi fa
It failed and you said cheat
darkrai1967 4 mesi fa
wait wait wait he appeard to me and i didnt even do all that wailord and relicath bull crap but i didnt get a raquaza either but that was my fault didnt ring it 3 times
fishboy987654321 4 mesi fa
munchingorange is a gay pokefag
ShadowingGaming 4 mesi fa
Awsome i works
Breezydrake 4 mesi fa
So a relicanth will come in a pokemon outbreak and maskuna isn't a pokemon
SaharaxXxDesert 4 mesi fa
Dude, get a life.
What are you winning from this, it's completely useless.
PLTgamer 4 mesi fa
"... without cheats. Enjoy. Before we get started with this cheat..."
x54xHantamachine 4 mesi fa
confirm got use hack
chien12333 4 mesi fa
spottedleopard1492 4 mesi fa
i did everything did not work

sheshe840 4 mesi fa
devdey 4 mesi fa
i finnaly caught a relicanth and a wailmer!!!!!
sheshe840 4 mesi fa
zprkrmn 4 mesi fa
Can't find relicanth on route 4
xadgryhq9999 4 mesi fa
I can't find relicanth in route 4 so can someone like tell me how to get 1
SaharaxXxDesert 4 mesi fa
@SaharaxXxDesert you can go to the relic castle and train a maskuna?
mattbeniza14 4 mesi fa
@SaharaxXxDesert swarm
x54xHantamachine 4 mesi fa
only works on pkmn black not white raciest company
argonian1feet3 4 mesi fa
And before i even watchd this video i used my lava cookie CRUD
supersonic1836 4 mesi fa
k i have relichant so ill start to train a walimer
supersonic1836 4 mesi fa
........ at 0:19 u say theres no cheats and at 0:21 u say "before we get started with this cheat".... u sir have failed
firesmans13 4 mesi fa 41
@firesmans13 Ikr, fucking stupid. o.O I agree.
Raichu19942011 4 mesi fa
@firesmans13 he said at the start it is a joke
eminemlilwaynefanxD 4 mesi fa
@eminemlilwaynefanxD yeah i didnt see that my bad :S but still...
firesmans13 4 mesi fa
It didn't work... what should i have done?
RealYourHack 4 mesi fa
thank you i now have two rayquazas that one and the one from HG/SS
SupaSerperior 4 mesi fa
@Darkslasher u mean the preevolution of zoroark? if u mean that, ill trade.
dragonpyre2000 4 mesi fa
If anyone is interested I am willing to trade a Rayquaza for a zoura P.S: My Rayquaza is not a cheated one,Its the one from soulsilver... i did the event so please reply if anyone is interested.
Darkslasher777 4 mesi fa
@Darkslasher777 what is ur freinds code ill trade?
loganadams100 4 mesi fa
didnt work
qwertyboy676 4 mesi fa
highside11100 4 mesi fa
Lol!!!!! when he says:You need to have balls...lots of them! xD SOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG.
Darkslasher777 4 mesi fa
that's a fake !!!!!!
MrJulltv 4 mesi fa
People have done it so it is not a hack please leave the guy alone please
AweGamer03 4 mesi fa
dang! i didnt know i had to have dive
dialgaonfire 4 mesi fa
it doesnt work!!! and i loose my fucking lava cookie!!!
trashersful 4 mesi fa
it doesnt work i rang the fucking bell 5 times!
trashersful 4 mesi fa
thank you so much always wanted rayquasa
aidanashtonaxelf 4 mesi fa
 dude sucks rayquaza flying !!!!!!!!!!
TheGael128 4 mesi fa
paralyzer134 4 mesi fa
Is this even real?

WarriorLightningstar 4 mesi fa
you SUCK eggs you MF munching orange gaylord
ThePunjabifamily 4 mesi fa
@ smackeed done
Mrnicktheman1 4 mesi fa
You're also gonna need balls... LOTS OF THEM.
insaneintherainCE 4 mesi fa
You said with out cheats and 2 seconds later, Now to do this cheat.... lol
CrystallLink 4 mesi fa
Trading A Lv 100 Mewtwo for a, Level 90^ Rayquaza
Message Me if u want to trade.
Smackeed 4 mesi fa
Can I redo it I messed up the 1st time
khalidamin53 4 mesi fa
I messed up the 1st time so can I redo it I just don t have a lava cookie and I just need to get the relincanth
khalidamin53 4 mesi fa
MrOrangemarmalde 4 mesi fa
What Knobheads like (MunchingOrange) do just to get some views.......
iTTzOllie 4 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

flamoempire 4 mesi fa
raqaza was 1ce elders parghtner!
dialgaonfire 4 mesi fa
who knows where to get a relicanth
TLGAFK 4 mesi fa
thanks man your the best.
USA021001 4 mesi fa
my brother have believe in this
3005mau 4 mesi fa
why are these graphics so crappy?
superang11 4 mesi fa
MunchingOrange do you know what's going on with Lueroi? I think you should battle him. Thumbs up peeps if u agree xxx
LizzieGiles 4 mesi fa
dude this is pretty much a fucking cheat
dragoz1999 4 mesi fa
kengch100 4 mesi fa
You watch lukyhawk?
pokemonandpokemon 4 mesi fa
you made me waste a lava cookie
thebestcommenter100 4 mesi fa
my friend told meh about this, fucking dickhead is an ass by the way, and he said it was a glitch :P, fucktard lied -_-. anyways, I got rayquaza anyways, oh well.
joytotheworld56 4 mesi fa
as did the minccino
kengch100 4 mesi fa
he wrote this is a joke so dont get angry because you didnt listen
jarrod12y 4 mesi fa
It says that he has Rayquaza when he's battling it.
TailsMage7 4 mesi fa cheat 2nd. u just edited the video in 6:13 and the Rayquaza you just put in the video.
naruto9tail154 4 mesi fa
this is bull
cuy7115 4 mesi fa
You caught rayquaza with 2 ultra balls and you said we needed a bunch of them.
nathan4923 4 mesi fa
Is it possible to catch Suicun in Pokemon White?
If i is can you show a video showing how?
daviduxo 4 mesi fa
is this legit, the due's talking like it's real
ashrole 4 mesi fa
its a cheat!!!!!
Xnixpokefan 4 mesi fa
It doesnt work i tried its a cheat!!!!!!
TheFootballcrazy15 4 mesi fa
bluebilko 4 mesi fa
BsProOrLame 4 mesi fa
.. Wow you guys are stupid as hell. :|
SacredProductions500 4 mesi fa
I did This theee whole day . I followed yourrrr steps anddd I RANG THE DAMN BELL 3 DAMN TIMES THISS NIGGUHH IS FAKEEE !
Aznpeopledrawmanga 4 mesi fa
@cardcrazytrader12 you probally used action replay cause this shit is fake .
Aznpeopledrawmanga 4 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

Aznpeopledrawmanga 4 mesi fa
i tried it again but it did not work because i saw him after doing this
attackforce5 4 mesi fa
I saw alder before0 doing this so  i am trying this again . Does it matter if I saw him after doing this?
attackforce5 4 mesi fa
No cheats! Lol then how the fuck can you already have rayquaza when you're trying to catch him?
TheGryzma 4 mesi fa
@TheGryzma Probably transferred from HG/SS/D/P/Pt
AzureArashi 4 mesi fa
i did exactly what you did alder was there but i rang the bell 3 times but it didnt work... so i rang it a 4th and 5th time... still no rayquaza after 9 times i did it ll over agian and then rang the bell even know alder wasntt theren i finaly gave up after THE 25TH TIME and still no rayquaza can you help or is this just fake
kikibunnie 4 mesi fa
I got my reqaza by transferring from my soulsilver
Dra9ondemon 4 mesi fa
it worked on mine yay thank u
cardcrazytrader12 4 mesi fa
munchingorange is a faggot he has alot of fake videos on his channel, like the one in emerald where he 'glitches' the game to catch lugia when infact he used AR. im flagging this for misleading u butt munching turd.
Moynul321 4 mesi fa
O_O how do you board the royal unova?? is it an event or just a normal event?
DuskMarv 4 mesi fa
@DuskMarv its fake but i dont believe u for being convinced
waseem9001 4 mesi fa
@waseem9001 No i meant the Royal unova....but thanks i guess
DuskMarv 4 mesi fa
i did just what you said i coudnt find a single relincanth in route 4
darkangelofhell1234 4 mesi fa
your also gonna need balls, lots of them.
Naru609 4 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

pignite11 4 mesi fa 11
Commento rimosso

pignite11 4 mesi fa
Fuck you. >=(
Typlhosion97 4 mesi fa
ill try
gamermaster1812 4 mesi fa
People this isn't real, did any of you guys read the disclaimer at the beginning of the video? If you did see it and kept on watching it trying to accomplish catching Rayquaza, then your the dumb ones. ._. You don't have to keep on saying ''It's fake'' or ''Waste of my time'' 'cause it said it was a joke at the beginning.
SacredProductions500 4 mesi fa
lol "are you ready" haha
ANGELX55studios 4 mesi fa
shut up guys i know its fake but MO is awsome
squan98 4 mesi fa
nice video lol
estefoncioo 4 mesi fa
not a hack cause i did it and it worked

deborahhahn1 4 mesi fa
Ok, so ur going to put the title saying, "no cheats!" but you know its fake, but u still say it isn't. You wasted all my time! That is the Most pointless thing i ever heard of! Make videos that are actually usefull to youtubers, alright?
NikeKidUnlimited 4 mesi fa
@NikeKidUnlimited Me thinks you didn't read the disclaimer in the beginning.
Axel5550 4 mesi fa
waist of time
burritoFRENZY 4 mesi fa
how to get relicanth
fppoe 4 mesi fa
xDDD 301 master ballxD

TheIvan941 4 mesi fa
TheIvan941 4 mesi fa 3
@TheIvan941 IT'S OVER 300!!!
Wigglytuff64 4 mesi fa
fail he got rayquaza already -.-
onnea99 4 mesi fa
He said it was a hack
silverwingedbeast 4 mesi fa
I don't like Basculins, thats why i have over 300 max repels just incase i go in the water.
DarthHershey 4 mesi fa
You idiot bitch I wasted 3 hours to do that
meiwan100 4 mesi fa 2
Joci445 4 mesi fa
you fucken little retarded as peice of shit i wasted my mother fucken time for nothing so go fuck your dad then fuck your mom then fuck your little brother up the ass you fucken retard go fuck yourself stupid bitch go suck on your mamas ballls
pokemasterjohn77 4 mesi fa
He didn't cheat he hacked
Kazuijin 4 mesi fa
i wish it were true cuz i really wanted a rayquaza::(
jeimer61099 4 mesi fa
wait what next ur gonna need BALLS hahaha
Hosakata1 4 mesi fa
it's not really:(
2plarpon1 4 mesi fa
your also going to need balls lots of them. 0:38 fucko
sonrio321 4 mesi fa
you fuking basterd what a waste of my fuking time how more fake can this shit be
thums up if you think this is fake to
sonrio321 4 mesi fa 2
Looked real to me (yes i know its fake you silly boy) til i saw rayquaza. Obviously they'd make him more 3d looking and legendary music would play.
Smellmenoweww 4 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

SuperSAMUEL134 4 mesi fa
well when i tried to go to the royal ship or whatever it iz called it say it iz only opened in da evening plz reply
SuperSAMUEL134 4 mesi fa
OmegaDu2 4 mesi fa
haha, really well done!
v1c96 4 mesi fa
WARNING: If you say this fake before you fucking saying mistake, you must have Lava Cookie and follow the video.
SirSayAir 4 mesi fa
y do i need the lava cookie
wolfgirl1937 4 mesi fa
its rayquaza
explode1966 4 mesi fa
How about false advertising and deception?
Criminal charges may apply!
Stormtracker1979 4 mesi fa
I wish this was real :(
jcfender14 4 mesi fa
LOL, i laughed so hard when i saw rayquaza fly like an idiot to all directions xD The uploader is a total retard by the way
Manectric7 4 mesi fa 17
y waste ur time with fake videos???
hansen131 4 mesi fa
whens is the keldoe event going to come out
typyro14 4 mesi fa
hey is thisreally fake cuz som ppl tried it and it worked soo if it dose plz tell me!!!!
icedude46 4 mesi fa
looks so damn real O_o

ejones654 4 mesi fa
really well done xP you made it look very real haha
yourlilemogirl 4 mesi fa
IRunEscapers 4 mesi fa
i this true?
222222yeah 4 mesi fa
i beat the elite four but alder isnt there
bestfriendsarelove 4 mesi fa
@bestfriendsarelove he sed in the description its completely fake its not real bummer!!!
icedude46 4 mesi fa
0:38 "You're also gonna need BALLS lots of them."
You've got a lot of BALLS to say that!
GalaxyproductionsX 4 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

GalaxyproductionsX 4 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

danielfroiland 4 mesi fa
0:25 Before we get start with this cheat.
WTFmANTEx 4 mesi fa
i think you are a beast dude
i like
jadenr7 4 mesi fa
This is real i tryed it.
rramirez29 4 mesi fa
I like this. 
GodlyBoss 4 mesi fa
It works!!!
FearAndroid 4 mesi fa
wtf i messed up once then i couldnt do it again
ohhiimKatie 4 mesi fa
This is real. It happened to me!!!
randomdude853 4 mesi fa
we know its a hack but its a pretty awesome thumbs if you agree
multihipershadow 4 mesi fa
and what have we learned :
he's gonna need BALLZ, lots of em :l
Orakonu 4 mesi fa
Wow, this is the first video of yours that I saw and was thinking of subbing, but its fake, therefore, you just lost a potential subscriber. Nice bro.
iLive245 4 mesi fa
@iLive245 lol who cares?
Gorillazunleashed 4 mesi fa
@iLive245 Lol i was watching on my ipod, and the annotation " this is a joke" didn't show up..... anyways.... Disregard my last comment :P
iLive245 4 mesi fa
Dude I love pokemon and minecraft i will so subscribe
Charizard1031 4 mesi fa
wooow ok first, you have to be SUPER dumb to fall for that fake. that rayquaza is OBVIOUSLY added in the video. he added a pic of it -.- and he used a cheat and cut the vid to the battle... how obvious is that -.- ur dumb for making a vid like this... some people might fall for it and ur making them waste their time and do useless work in the game...
jaggedearpichu24 4 mesi fa
tydemon2 4 mesi fa
You're also gonna need balls. LOTS OF THEM. TRUST ME. O.o;
PokeGurl853 4 mesi fa
But wat if you already spoke to alder
Mistori00x 4 mesi fa
im the best 
hblackwell100 4 mesi fa
im saving before trashing my lava cookie!
SORA4144 4 mesi fa
title No Cheats! yeah its a hack
superamphoros12 4 mesi fa
Where iz he
nookmook1 4 mesi fa
I can't even find relicanth on route 4 anywhere
nookmook1 4 mesi fa
He already had a requaza
MWMBLB 4 mesi fa
how to get lava cookie

semyboy887 4 mesi fa
I got a rayquaza so u stupid people stop saying it's fake
sherlika 4 mesi fa
WARNING: Before you make a retard of yourself, this is completely FAKE. Thumbs up so people won't make the same mistake I made -__-
Quick2Boom 4 mesi fa 74
@Quick2Boom so what happened to you? what happens? but you didnt catch it ,did you?
ashleypr1246 4 mesi fa
@ashleypr1246 I was watching this on my iPod so the annotations admitting it was a joke never showed and I presumed it would be completely legit considering it was on TGS. I followed everything step by step as shown in the video and when Rayquaza failed to show I raged =(
Quick2Boom 4 mesi fa
@Quick2Boom well there was a video which you had to walk through walls in a house. i did it and my avatar got stuck in the walls. i had to restart the game
ashleypr1246 4 mesi fa
Fail Editing...
bakugannthings 4 mesi fa
And yet it still fools people... although it's hilarious reading the angry comments. I can see it now. His "u mad" face.
Nesaru 4 mesi fa
I know this is fake but it would be fun if they put this in or something else.
psxdc64 4 mesi fa
Is this fake? i think sooo....
tubbyor 4 mesi fa
What the FUCK are you trying to make us do other than wasting max repels, a lava cookie, and our time
AngieArThouPH 4 mesi fa
It's FAKE!!!

PokeAux 4 mesi fa
It works up until you ring the bell... Alder is there and everything... but then rayquaza dosen't come... boo hoo.
NarutoFan4361 4 mesi fa
We need lots of balls... AWKWARD!!!
NarutoFan4361 4 mesi fa
OmarIsReallyKool 4 mesi fa
one must also ensure the lava cookie and read the stones in the temple?
XD462 4 mesi fa
if it wasn't a hack it yould say raquaza apeared not a wild raquaza appeared...
TheSubscriber15 4 mesi fa
pokemonfanjosh 4 mesi fa
everyone that says that this works YOU ARE FUCKING LIERS!!! use your fucking brain i mean alders first pokemon can't be a fucking legendairy rayquaza. and the title says NO CHEATS!!! and this asshole says to get started with this cheat. this is fucking fake.
iratuus 4 mesi fa
how can you surf with royal Unova? Tell me please
Speedw00tfiesta 4 mesi fa
I did this 4 times. Lost 4 lava cookies. FOR YOU TOO LIE TOO ME
Crazy296 4 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

TheRa956 4 mesi fa
Guess I'll try nxt time
asiancyberboi 4 mesi fa
Dude I try it nothing work but alder showed up
asiancyberboi 4 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

bigestboob1 4 mesi fa
not during the battle rayquaza's sprite looks fake
marxsoulproductions 4 mesi fa
how do you make rayquaza appear i rang the bell and yes alder did appear.does relicanth need rock smash like way back when in hoenn?
Kanethedragon 4 mesi fa
Turn on annotations and see the begining! It's a fake!
pichu98lol 4 mesi fa
@pichu98lol ok then,meh I won't bother too much since I at least saw something I probably wouldn't's not technically a lose for me since I still have my rayquaza all the way back when I got it in emerald.I was just hoping to fairly get another one to use as a tool to get other pokemon for my pokedex.can't go through the long tedious hours and start my emerald anew cause my ds is currently out of condition unti; it gets fixed so I'm using my bro's which he barely uses anyways.
Kanethedragon 4 mesi fa
Ah. I see. That's the same reason I clicked on this video. My DS's L button won't work, and all the good stuff needs that button... so I have to rely on glitches...
pichu98lol 4 mesi fa
your also going to need balls lots of balls (hahaha)
yoyokid3451 4 mesi fa
how dose a cave full of WATER flood
pokemonkid9299 4 mesi fa
lol love the intro "do not attempt to try this if you don't want to lose your lava cookie"
Kanethedragon 4 mesi fa
It's real I got rayquaza so idk wats happenin wit urs......
NaTe422pEck 4 mesi fa
@NaTe422pEck lol
SupraSpartan 4 mesi fa
man its a fake ...
Slothew 4 mesi fa
Damn, He must be real lucky for his first pokemon to be Rayquaza
I know Its a joke, don't be all over my ass about it >:V
XxLiam423xX 4 mesi fa
my brother tried this ass and he done all steps and whe nhe rang the bell no pokemon . do you have to have alder at the tower or no?
breezygrl8 4 mesi fa
a thing to tell that it is REAL is that the bell changes tone on the third ring
CJPA12345 4 mesi fa
alder was there but rayquaza was not
cod5rulezz 4 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

eevee123ful 4 mesi fa
worked for me lol jk
pkmastere 4 mesi fa
its funny cause at 0:27 he says "before we get started with this cheat", yet the title clearly says NO CHEATS.
GuyHeavyMetal 4 mesi fa
@GuyHeavyMetal lolz
TheBob7945 4 mesi fa
@TheGameStation When does Riolu evolve my riolu is lvl 51
Masterx9o 4 mesi fa
@Masterx9o when you have enough friendship
Bobbie3t 4 mesi fa
Talking to rocks, now that I'd wouldn't do even if I had no friends
CheesyPastaFilms 4 mesi fa
Also why Rayquaza has Wild Pokémon music instead of Legendary theme? xP
Dukstless 4 mesi fa
Dukstless 4 mesi fa
can you reapet this i messed up baddly and put haxorus instead of wailord on the third ring of the bell please reply alder was there!
Deathcloak360 4 mesi fa
it worked for me!
PokemonMegaBeast 4 mesi fa
netogc97 4 mesi fa
this is fake cuz when u first seen rayquaza i heard the old rayquaza op
shadowtakenbygod 4 mesi fa
thats so lame screw your joke it did not work
isaiahluvsrossco 4 mesi fa
it didint work but the red headed dude was there
Avatar1357900 4 mesi fa
Wow... nice edit....
CharredFireRed 4 mesi fa
lots of pokey balls get it
rainnierm 4 mesi fa
yes it work i got rayquaza
23juanrey 4 mesi fa
it did not work you ass
ppgcapo 4 mesi fa
Go to hell, you assfuck. Get a life and stop trying to waste other people's time.
TheBurningCatalyst 4 mesi fa
is it real
mechamite43 4 mesi fa
MyKaka65 4 mesi fa
really at 0:23 he says how to catch rayquaza without cheats then at 0:27 he says
before we get started with this cheat : 0 i mean seriosly are you people death
no offense
MyKaka65 4 mesi fa
Fangs645 4 mesi fa
dude u r so wrong it didnt work at all it wasted a ton of my time
MrCat7777 4 mesi fa
where at route 4 do u get relicath?????
TheMagicClown1 4 mesi fa
is this F@cking fake???
BloodyBoiZ 4 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

123TensaZangetsu 4 mesi fa
this guy is a asshole bitchass nigga
1dawkins3 4 mesi fa
learn to read guys he says its a joke
manbeartauren 4 mesi fa
OMG thank you so much thats thats awesome im trying it right now thank thatnk thank whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
1Badboydan 4 mesi fa
Pokemon ruby sapphire and emerald music when u r in a battle when rayquaza came
seth001life 4 mesi fa
it will be more funny if you were uploading this in April fools
TheLonelyGrovyle 4 mesi fa
ididnt work
coolshiloh 4 mesi fa
i did what you said and it did not work
chikitmoy69 4 mesi fa
369jeffhardy 4 mesi fa
is it fake?

BloodyBoiZ 4 mesi fa
Whoop! Sweet ending
nathan4923 4 mesi fa
how do u get a lucario?
tacoman6948 4 mesi fa
@tacoman6948 go to challengers cave catch a riolu then give it soothe bell raise lvls until it evolves worked for me
mechamite43 4 mesi fa
@mechamite43 thx alot!
tacoman6948 4 mesi fa
you dickhead. i spend ages doing this and its fake!!!!!
TheGreatShelly 4 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

myskillzownu 4 mesi fa
There goes my lava cookie......
Arceuscam 4 mesi fa
HOLY SHIT!! i did all this and then i saw that this is FAKE!!! fuck this video! and fuck you! you are a stupid ASSHOLE!!!
iratuus 4 mesi fa
@iratuus yeah he is a asshole dickhead titwanker isn't he i spent ages on this too!
TheGreatShelly 4 mesi fa
The biggest mistake was having the caught before sign near the raquazaze name
Orangyish 4 mesi fa
@Orangyish It has not to be a mistake coz when you transfer rayquaza from generation4 it will be caught too...
THMegaPower 4 mesi fa
it worked
MICKEYDOG321 4 mesi fa
DavidTheRobloxKid 4 mesi fa
DUHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! OF COURSE IT'S FAKE!!!! He specifically said that it was a glitch video, and you shouldn't attemp it unless you wanna lose your lava cookie.
To the people who were joking when they said that it was fake: Sorry.
To the people who weren't: FAIL.
F64Dragonai 4 mesi fa
@F64Dragonai lol
Latios9000 4 mesi fa
cuz thats TOTALLY not photoshoped
smithinson77 4 mesi fa

boffo0071 4 mesi fa
Bosslyable 4 mesi fa
AjExtreme1 4 mesi fa
fuck you bitch i did what you said
sorloft12 4 mesi fa
Really? You guys fell for it? :')
KilleRoyNl 4 mesi fa 18
@KilleRoyNl it was fake???????!!!!!!
tacoman6948 4 mesi fa
@tacoman6948 Do I really need to tell you? o_o; 6:10 is just video editing.. He stood still, looked down himself, walked down a bit himself, and added in the fading effect himself. Please tell me you were sarcastic though.
KilleRoyNl 4 mesi fa
fuck you its fake
janesh1100 4 mesi fa
@janesh1100 WOW. You REALLY fell for it? We all know it's fake, you douche-wit.
UrsidaeFilms 4 mesi fa
@UrsidaeFilms shout up bitch
janesh1100 4 mesi fa
@janesh1100 Lol, by failing to type something correctly, you completely contradicted what you meant to say.
UrsidaeFilms 4 mesi fa
@UrsidaeFilms what i dont get you
janesh1100 4 mesi fa
1SHAD0W1 4 mesi fa
:( i thought it was real... i was like " OMGZZZZ!!!!111 Meh FAVE POKEMONZ!!!11
Jeeplover4524 4 mesi fa 6
how did you do this?
NexusGas 4 mesi fa
fuck you ass hole its fake i have been working on this for three weeks and i found out it is fake
ak47silenced100 4 mesi fa
@ak47silenced100 lololololol ....lololol

ultimatmuscle11 4 mesi fa
fuck you ass hole its fake
ak47silenced100 4 mesi fa
@ak47silenced100 they even said it was fake
MechaXenoxine55 4 mesi fa
check out my newesy vidoe please
Pokitchu 4 mesi fa
Thumbs up for the Hoenn Legendary Music when you ring the bell the third time
MrRandomifier 4 mesi fa
MyMaster1998 4 mesi fa
stupid video i did everything and nothing happens
pokemon123456789plmv 4 mesi fa
this video is such a waste -.- nobody would believe it duh.......
pokemon123456789plmv 4 mesi fa
@MrShinyRayquaza That's because it was a joke.
darkster0 4 mesi fa
Shadowbolt416 4 mesi fa
@Shadowbolt416 your gay to and this guy and the guy and him
LovetheSunny 4 mesi fa
6:00 Fake start in 3, 2, 1...
That's not cheating, but that isn't real.
MasterAxen 4 mesi fa
EasyCreation1 4 mesi fa
is this true
drago7624 4 mesi fa
it doesnt workkk, i also tried the emerald one also, aand it didnt work either!!!!!!!!!!!!
bigcrazymonkeybomb 4 mesi fa
Wired. I just went there to get a litwick but i found him there saying the samething and i found rayquaza without the abyssal ruins and lava cookie
xAznDingALing 4 mesi fa
how to catch relicanth
yiheng321 4 mesi fa
@yiheng321 Route 4 fish on a sufacing fish
xiNoobxx 4 mesi fa
didnt work for me probably because i explored the ruins and clicked those purple tablets >.<
xiNoobxx 4 mesi fa
@xiNoobxx Hey Wanna trade pokemon???
TheHotBoyVon 4 mesi fa
Does it work

jonathonjt1 4 mesi fa
READ THIS IT IS NOT A CHEAT!!!! i dont hav action reply or any thing like that it actully works i thougth it would not work but it did
xkevinclan42 4 mesi fa
@xkevinclan42 ReALLY
jonathonjt1 4 mesi fa
Freaking AWESOME
Piesky123 4 mesi fa
awsome video how does it not work on me this doesnt work watch my vidoe its how to catch tyranitar in pokemon white
suske532 4 mesi fa
awsome video how does it not work on me
suske532 4 mesi fa
frostfire97 4 mesi fa
DenisBlitzle 4 mesi fa
You said it wasn't a cheat then at the start of the gameplay you say the way you start this cheat is
ThePSPManiac123 4 mesi fa
can you repeatdley cach it
heshiba 4 mesi fa
Everyone who tried this and is complaining that it didn't work is an idiot.
TheAmazingFuzzle 4 mesi fa
yeah dude you dont have to go and do all that stuff underwater to get alder to be up theyre, just beat N for the last time then go back to the tower
KingSharlix 4 mesi fa
nice cheat :P
and nice works.
xxBlackxxBerryxx 4 mesi fa
taht does not work at all
ddholbrook987 5 mesi fa
Do you need Wailord & a relicanth to do this?
Xycuroisawesome108 5 mesi fa
god tyhia is not cool dislike this who page and there videos
Mrcallofdutification 5 mesi fa
This videos sucks!!! First of all there isn't a person at the top of the tower, and u had more than 300 masterballs, so you used cheats either with an action replay cheat that let's u capture raquaza
MrHankdogg 5 mesi fa
@MrHankdogg *cough* they said it was a joke in the video *cough*
aquaguy34 5 mesi fa
why did I see 301 master balsl in your pocket!?
Yatagarasu112 5 mesi fa
I didn't know (or care) if this video was fake. I guess you can say MunchingOrange gave me insentive to actually try to catch a relicanth and wailord...but then again, like him, I already have a Rayquaza (note pokeball next to Rayquaza's name). Nice video :D
ICRSHDRMS 5 mesi fa
wow this is fake...i didnt try it but i know editing when i see it
CrazyFujin101 5 mesi fa
@CrazyFujin101 lol he says its a joke. noob.
Aquamentus92 5 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

CrazyFujin101 5 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

CrazyFujin101 5 mesi fa
dude my bro tryed this and it did not do a thing he gholt whasllord and the other pokemon it got the tms and hms went to the ruins ans the same cubes threw away a lava cookie went to the tgop of the tower and rang the bell 3 times no pokemon does he need ot have alder there or not.
breezygrl8 5 mesi fa
?? I did everything and nothing worked.
I rang the bell 3 times already! THIS SHIET IS FAKKKEEE.
Aznpeopledrawmanga 5 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

TheJojo85180 5 mesi fa
*sees pokeball next to Rayquaza's name*
awsomeyoshi2 5 mesi fa
cool thx man
MegaPokemaster101 5 mesi fa
Aldercamebut not rayquzaza??????/
clubpenguinband12boy 5 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

StOrMbLaDeRz 5 mesi fa
this is fucking real cuz the champion elder has losed his pokemon here and MunchingOrang fighted a ghost Rayquaza
xd7030 5 mesi fa
FAKE!!!!!! i tyied this it doesnt work
JOSHDTV2 5 mesi fa
Ok thanks for the video but it only helped me get a welled which then I soon evolved into a wailord and the only thing I need help is with relicanth I went to the water area on route 4 and I swam around and use super rod over 80 times and I still haunt caught, or seen one so please if any one has a relicanth can we trade or can the guys who made this video please please please help me find a relicanth or tell me where else I can find one or if I'm doing something wrong please
ChrisThaGr81 5 mesi fa
@ChrisThaGr81 surfing spots
when you see a dot in the water surf on it. it's 60% chance to battle it.
TheMrmkw 5 mesi fa
@ChrisThaGr81 try harder
MunchingOrange 5 mesi fa
you also need balls xD thumbs up if funny :]
pokemaster259 5 mesi fa 26
checkerboard456 5 mesi fa
beyblader909 5 mesi fa
You guys are fucking retards, at the beginning it says it's a joke.
jabberman3000 5 mesi fa
Fake And Gay
troy063036 5 mesi fa
its not fake i have seen alder that prof
beyblader909 5 mesi fa
@beyblader909 i seen him to and it still is fake and Gay
troy063036 5 mesi fa
'"Before we get started with this cheat..." Oh, no cheats, huh? >_>
iAutumnFall 5 mesi fa
Pokemon Blaze Black and Volt White -.-
PokiiFreakii000 5 mesi fa
Real? Probably fake.
metalicadude69 5 mesi fa
what a idiot,before we get started with this cheat , no cheats huh?
ancientfire21 5 mesi fa
Thanks for making this video.
MarnicZX 5 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

MarnicZX 5 mesi fa

burnskull987 5 mesi fa
fuck u ,, asshole liar stupid ass fucking mother fucker i so wana hit u in the face u ass ... i hope u get rapid by a long dildo in ur ass and get ur balls cut off u sissy !
Daniel10253 5 mesi fa
@Daniel10253 dude you a troll loser
Munchingorange rulez
xavierbot 5 mesi fa
@xavierbot ive never seen this video.. my account was hacked.. i didnt post the comment.. sorry if it offended anyone..
Daniel10253 5 mesi fa
491 people obviously didn't have a sense of humor. :P

applepet 5 mesi fa
pinche liar
mexicochampspokefan7 5 mesi fa
the lady wont let me in!!!! >:C
shadic541 5 mesi fa
@shadic541 u need 2 beat gensesis (1 of the 7 sages) to go on royle unova
djdawwg 5 mesi fa
i did what you said and went to the tower and the red haired freak as there. i saved after the bell rang the second time but when i rang it the third time rayquaza didn't show.
shinyshinx76 5 mesi fa
Esto es real??? no creo pero ubiera estado cool que fuera verdad!
Carlohades 5 mesi fa
i wasted 7 min of my life for some thin fake skreew u u earned a dislike and a non subsriber  f%$% off
bsbrbbrandon 5 mesi fa
lier u FAKER
951jeffreyphan 5 mesi fa
@951jeffreyphan is sooooooooooooooo right

bsbrbbrandon 5 mesi fa
Damn it's fake I wasted all my money on balls (Lolz)
dante4998 5 mesi fa 4
2 things
1)alder takes to long to talk
2)good but rayqausa looks fake and not real game fotage
cowan131 5 mesi fa
Rayuazas flying spite looks to much like gba version
biokids4 5 mesi fa
gamesandairsoft1 5 mesi fa
everybody who disliked actually said
dis i like
cooldarkraidude 5 mesi fa
Damn, I wasted 7 minutes on this bullshit because iPods don't show annotations -__-
gyarados 5 mesi fa
Buullllshhiiiiittttttt, I tryed this and did not work.
StarDarkRising 5 mesi fa
I agree with granis, it didnt work for me, i followed EXACTLY what you did,
PerceptiveSnail 5 mesi fa
this is bull shit a bit load of shit i did it to par and fail so bull
granis1233 5 mesi fa
you gonna need BALLS. lots of them. LOL
mantonacci100 5 mesi fa
thmbs up if you heard 'this is why today i bring you how to catch rayquaza in pokemon black and white without cheats' enjoy
then he said 'before we get started with this cheat'
myachify3 5 mesi fa 47
@myachify3 Does anyone know how to get mean look??
jonathonjt1 4 mesi fa
I did everything just the way u said it if its a glitch then don't put it on here bcuz half a million ppl will come thinking its real and ull waste there time just like u did for me
Dharak1103 5 mesi fa
do u have to have walord and relicanth? or can u use any other pokemon with those moves?
TheNavman2010 5 mesi fa
@TheNavman2010 u can use a different one
blazer1321 5 mesi fa
where do u get all the game?
alvinchyn 5 mesi fa
how do you get relicanth an route 4
beybladefan870 5 mesi fa
hay dude is it ok if i give ya my friend code
vexin321 5 mesi fa
he's tricking you who agrees?
SoFlyOhMy20 5 mesi fa
i agree
nannous10able 5 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

TFJim6000 5 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

TFJim6000 5 mesi fa
where can you get a Relicanth on route4
jasonncst 5 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

cooper12383 5 mesi fa
what you got two Rayquazas wow
Shocker180 5 mesi fa
your voice......ughh'
Korbon117 5 mesi fa
your vids are great and i want to throw a dynimite
SUPERRED9991 5 mesi fa
bryantster 5 mesi fa
doesn't work. i tried it 20 times,
fanosoX 5 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

TFJim6000 5 mesi fa
everything worked exept the part where raquaza flys down.please help
700Legends 5 mesi fa
PrimeHitmoshi 5 mesi fa
Hey Munching I really need the Lava Cookie?
jerimiahisaiah 5 mesi fa
it was already there well alder was then i caught rayqwazza or you don't need the cookie
XDOLLIE1 5 mesi fa
I already have a rayquaza. I migrated from my emerald into my heartgold and then transfered it to my pokemon white :)
it hjas a good nature and knows fly extreemspeed dive and dragon claw.
but nice vid :D
darkzarth 5 mesi fa
it dint work im going to use my ar code
hblackwell100 5 mesi fa
i want to battle you
hblackwell100 5 mesi fa 2
Plz help
webpg87 5 mesi fa
Hey I did everything that u said but when I hit the bell a third time it didn't work
webpg87 5 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

clubpenguinband12boy 5 mesi fa
thumps up if you heard "are you ready" :DD
TheMakeboo 5 mesi fa 29
Commento rimosso

Daniel10253 5 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

Daniel10253 5 mesi fa
@Daniel10253 do you bother to read the annotations?
jungjin2001 5 mesi fa
@jungjin2001 shit... im sorry... my account was hacked.. i didnt post those comments
Daniel10253 5 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

Mienboi821510 5 mesi fa
@Mienboi821510 sorry, my account was hacked.. ive never watched this video in my life..
Daniel10253 5 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

Mienboi821510 5 mesi fa
it dosen' even work
nysteven1 5 mesi fa
relaxf1 5 mesi fa
he dident even drop ant thing:(
relaxf1 5 mesi fa
Your also gonna need "Balls" lots of them
firstlittlegee 5 mesi fa
works for me :)
BsProOrLame 5 mesi fa
MY FRIEND BEAT ALDER 5 TIMES AND IT DINT WORK and guess what my best friend just beat n and eliet 4 in 1 try :D
libanutube 5 mesi fa
zenon2001 5 mesi fa
@zenon2001 no

jungjin2001 5 mesi fa
@zenon2001 nvm your right i was stupid
jungjin2001 5 mesi fa
@zenon2001 you think
basweijenberg 5 mesi fa
how do i get the lava cookie?
MrMultiShizzle 5 mesi fa
Someone tell me does it accually work?
10101Rosie 5 mesi fa
wer to fly selectia tower????
SuperMemo34 5 mesi fa
@SuperMemo34 'Celestial Tower' Mistralton City
ThePokeMasterr 5 mesi fa
MY Wartortle does everything Surf Dive Strength my Staraptor is only fly
gharper2664 5 mesi fa
i believe him! this video has no cheats! it's a hack!
ivancek11 5 mesi fa
It worked for me! :D YAY!
TheAwesomeface11 5 mesi fa
@TheAwesomeface11 TROLOLOLOLOL
StanSPMarsh 5 mesi fa
@TheAwesomeface11 Did it really??

StupidTechnology 5 mesi fa
@Weitzsan LOL ARE YOU RETARDED!? of course its fake! READ THE FUCKIN ANNOTION AT THE BEGINNING OF THE VIDEO YOU MORON! HE SAID IT WAS A JOKE! my god it was so fuckin obvious that its fake he used special effects which didn't fit the graphics of the game and he used music from pokemon emerald plus if this was real,when fighting rayquaza the theme wouldn't be a bullshit normal encounter
drakknight118 5 mesi fa
@drakknight118 He say lava cookie -.-
SirSayAir 5 mesi fa
@Damian7674 dude. its fake so don't brag about it,next time read the annotion in the beginning of the video besides the effects didn't look real when rayquaza showed up and he used soundtrack from pokemon emerald if it was the real thing the theme would sound like the one in heartgold and soulsilver,not the theme of a regular pokemon encounter
drakknight118 5 mesi fa
dang it seemed so real. even the ending. i dont get how he could edit all of that in. amazing job on his part. best fake i have ever seen
jordankdog 5 mesi fa
He said in the beginning that it was a joke, you dumbasses. Stop saying "HURR DURR THIS VIDEO IS FAKE".
ShyGuyLuigi 5 mesi fa
@ShyGuyLuigi 7 FUCK U
gharper2664 5 mesi fa
@gharper2664 "7 FUCK U"? What does that mean, sir? Please. Enlighten me.
ShyGuyLuigi 5 mesi fa
@ShyGuyLuigi FORGET THE 7!!!
gharper2664 5 mesi fa
@gharper2664 Alright, but i'm wondering, why are you telling me "FUCK U"? I don't recall ever saying anything negative towards you.
ShyGuyLuigi 5 mesi fa
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view post Posted on 14/12/2011, 13:05          




do you have to have the 2 pokemon
lgitganster 5 mesi fa
i did everything and it didn't work
TheDesertsUnited 5 mesi fa
what happens if you talk to alder before you do everything else
TheDesertsUnited 5 mesi fa
Did every thing and nothing happened
waffleman229 5 mesi fa
@waffleman229 he said it was fake
StanleyManly09 5 mesi fa
i always wondered about what are the red boxes are for...
clearfruitsbasket98 5 mesi fa
I can't find a relecanth
CuriousGeorge240 5 mesi fa
this is crap
SuperZekrom101 5 mesi fa
Do you have to beat the elite four and the champion
Dzanhe8 5 mesi fa
@Dzanhe8 yes, u must to get to the next city
1337Palkia 5 mesi fa
RyeDragon32 5 mesi fa
RyeDragon32 5 mesi fa
it says at the start ars holes this is a joke
03gilz 5 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

MegaSonicwolf 5 mesi fa
This is so fake
themrrobbo95 5 mesi fa
WakingScissors 5 mesi fa
@WakingScissors lol it says in the begining its fake so your the idiot
ClubPenguinguy12341 5 mesi fa
@WakingScissors for your infomation i did the same thing and i found raquazza..... so pwned
Damian7674 5 mesi fa
YOSUP72845 5 mesi fa
do you need the pokemons in your team???
MrFeuerwilli 5 mesi fa
So fake.
lozmaniac 5 mesi fa
LMAO!! FAKE!!!! xDDDD r u retardar of something?XD
Weitzsan 5 mesi fa
You lying baser
Mesuk2k2 5 mesi fa
will somone trade me for a relicanth
MrSqrews 5 mesi fa
ArcanineTheGreat 5 mesi fa
700redbull 5 mesi fa
KhariKPG 5 mesi fa
The outofbattle sprite for rayqaza and the enterbattle transition lost me from being "fooled"
ryan196 5 mesi fa
@MunchingOrange does this really work?
ArceusXIII 5 mesi fa
Notice the Pokemon Emerald sprites?
GeotanCP 5 mesi fa
by the way to all pokemon players i will trade anything for a darkrai
XsceptileXx 5 mesi fa
@XsceptileXx i will trade you darkrai for a groundon
bakuganrules1201 5 mesi fa
@bakuganrules1201 THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH but the problem is that its not in my pokedecs so..... ill need to know your palpad code ummm message me your cade PLZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!........
XsceptileXx 5 mesi fa
@bakuganrules1201 and yes i do have groudon

XsceptileXx 5 mesi fa
@bakuganrules1201 i ment to say code
XsceptileXx 5 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

XsceptileXx 5 mesi fa
@BetaDude100 yea

XsceptileXx 5 mesi fa
i am on GTS negotiations write this second and if anyone wants a mewtwo ill hook you up my name is CALEB
XsceptileXx 5 mesi fa
oh shiz forgot
XsceptileXx 5 mesi fa
learn to read the discription
lightshadownatural 5 mesi fa
u are retarded guys it´s a glich
lightshadownatural 5 mesi fa
you suck coc*
MrPokemon7890 5 mesi fa
if this doesen't work then its a cheat but if this work its not a cheat
Dzanhe8 5 mesi fa
It didn't work for me either
watever8856 5 mesi fa
dude how did you find the lava cookie
Dzanhe8 5 mesi fa
LOL !!!
Masterofthegamezeron 5 mesi fa
ijust tried it and this is bull ****
XsceptileXx 5 mesi fa
dont you see? The rayquaza is of pokemon emerald graphics! its just a joke!
awesome101x5 5 mesi fa
why do you need walimer and relecainth
TheDesertsUnited 5 mesi fa
what time can you board the royal unova
TheDesertsUnited 5 mesi fa
he can breath underwater?!?????!??!?!?!?!??!?!
ivancek11 5 mesi fa
I think i just craped my pants lol
moonmanmusic3 5 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

SuperRapidRotom 6 mesi fa
This is false unfortunately.
darthtazer 6 mesi fa
@ZoMgjr1 that's not proof maybe he transferred it from a different game In the poke transfer lab
liljwray 6 mesi fa
is it true?
allwingame 6 mesi fa
made me lol
ChampionleeOfCod 6 mesi fa
It works!:D
mrwudpecker 6 mesi fa
mother fucker
474519bw 6 mesi fa
@crazy10000100 the game days are the same as the real life days
level99squirtle 6 mesi fa
Mas falso que una moneda de 3 €
DragonsMaple 6 mesi fa
It actually works !!! It's not a cheat just do it on a Wednesday
jonlovespigs 6 mesi fa
@jonlovespigs really? well then... as soon as i beat the game (which will take me ages cuz im busy with ruby! lol) ill try it and ill save before i do a thing.
spartamixfan 5 mesi fa
its a cheat he says it 0:25
sora589913 6 mesi fa
@sora589913 u called him on his bullshit!
darkfawful64 6 mesi fa
if its a joke, then how could Alder be there? theres no hack that makes him appear there and say those words.
ashthebest101 6 mesi fa
@ashthebest101 that happens in the main storyline or else i wouldve already done this
pikachu12841 6 mesi fa
@sora589913 he says WITHOUT cheats dumbass
level99squirtle 6 mesi fa
hah ur playin pkmn white
pokemonlover3228 6 mesi fa
For all of you people who say it's fake it's not! Try it on a Wednesday retards
level99squirtle 6 mesi fa
@level99squirtle by wednesday do you mean game days or real life days
crazy10000100 6 mesi fa
the most obvious hint that it isn't real is the music in the background when fighting rayquaza
Ultrasnorlax 6 mesi fa
how many times do u have 2 beat the game
sora589913 6 mesi fa
do u need certain items

sora589913 6 mesi fa
it didnt work
sora589913 6 mesi fa
AlickJC 6 mesi fa
u dont talk to the walls, you READ them... (talking to the wall like that would mean ur a retard.) in () is a joke
Greenguy360380 6 mesi fa
does it work ln the japanese black and white?
pokemikevanbeek 6 mesi fa
The pokemon music when rayq showed up was cool, anyone know the actual name of that song?
RebirthWoWGuild 6 mesi fa
Where do you get Relicanth?
EuanTV 6 mesi fa
@EuanTV ikr i looked at route four and he wasnt there
TheTennisz 6 mesi fa
@EuanTV best thing to do is probably trade over a relicanth from diamond/pearl etc or look for one on WFC (:
IronScorpionFilms 6 mesi fa
u think u can make 1 were u catch lugia
kratosvswerehog 6 mesi fa
Lava Cookie Yeah I wanna part with it I get a Ice Cream Cone more cheaper then Running Around the ship I got $701,802 PokeCash. For that matter
Pokepichu9 6 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

NeunteRabe 6 mesi fa
is this real
blackops7778 6 mesi fa
i tried it 8 times and it didnt work.
tridentlayers100 6 mesi fa
could it actually work

pikachu12841 6 mesi fa
@pikachu12841 hell no
sKribblenaut 6 mesi fa
@sKribblenaut and how do you know jerk!
pikachu12841 6 mesi fa
it works!!!!
Mikeform1 6 mesi fa
lol, I wonder how man noobs tried this...
ExoKiller4 6 mesi fa
where do u catch relicanth
ideamental 6 mesi fa
i didn't work on my ds
tlynch1234 6 mesi fa
Lol you know it's fake because they woulda made a cut scene for it like zekrom and reshiam
floppyking8 6 mesi fa
were else can you get a lava cookie
nerfman1001 6 mesi fa
@nerfman1001 in pokemon soul silver or heart gold theres a store that sells lava cookies the shop that makes pokemon hate you if you feeed them it
xhyperxbenx 6 mesi fa
Why would he even bother making the video
zdanowskipokemon27 6 mesi fa
so im watching the time and trying to get the ship just right for nothing?
bryanthegangsta12 6 mesi fa
ChoLikeable 6 mesi fa
Before we get started with this cheat! xD
ChoLikeable 6 mesi fa
I was sooooo exited when I thought I could get Rayquaza but It's a cheat...... :(
ChoLikeable 6 mesi fa
this is fake look he already caught one
Ruv4Rice 6 mesi fa
this doesn't work? bullshit i waited until Friday to get my damn Lava Cookie...
HipHopGuruX 6 mesi fa
fake you noob
MsSuperyoshi 6 mesi fa
I screwed up :/
Tigerdao1 6 mesi fa
i did it wrong....
Tigerdao1 6 mesi fa
lol also if you look it shows a poke ball next to rayquaza's name so you know he cheated to catch him before
ZoMgJr1 6 mesi fa
thumbs up if you heard before we start this cheat at 0:25
MonsterLilz 6 mesi fa
since when can a "wild pokemon" know a HM?!
Pokabu123 6 mesi fa
@Pokabu123 In Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, Rayquaza already knew Fly.
iShadow64 6 mesi fa
@Pokabu123 rayquaza and salamance can
Ruv4Rice 6 mesi fa
I did everything in the vid, but when I got to the bell it didn't work. Help plz?
WaterarceusXD 6 mesi fa
Master troll.
awesome23ap 6 mesi fa
I tried it it didn't work but maybe because I already saw elder and talked to him
pokemexican1 6 mesi fa
0:25 "Before we get started with this cheat" Oh seriously?
Zoroark98 6 mesi fa
we need lots of balls 
negetiveman2 6 mesi fa 2
oh ok good no cheats needed
negetiveman2 6 mesi fa
And I was actually gonna attempt this
TheTyphlosionTyler 6 mesi fa
i thought it was a real video. i didnt see the anotation in the beginning.
Dimi3Infitive 6 mesi fa
In pokemon ruby it took me 3 hours to catch rayquaza w/ ultra balls legit. im mad bro that you caought him with 2 trys .
TheFlamingBullets 6 mesi fa
wow, rayquaza as your first pokemon
jinxzo99 6 mesi fa
This worked for me..Cant be a joke
MasterShadeful 6 mesi fa
@bakushadow It's an 8 minute video. Why would you watch it nearly 4 times if you dislike it so much?
WavelengthMovies 6 mesi fa
the comments on here are more funny than the video
PKMNwater 6 mesi fa
a weird glitch happened today...i was on the road after black city and i encountered registeel one on level 47 and again on level 48
NickStoneX 6 mesi fa
@NickStoneX wtf? are u serious
NathonAndersen 6 mesi fa
i have a screenshot
NickStoneX 6 mesi fa
@NickStoneX for real
NathonAndersen 6 mesi fa
for real
NickStoneX 6 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

t0mwzhere 6 mesi fa
the term "oldschool ps2" just doesn't ring well with me.
Zetimenvec 6 mesi fa
can some one explain this to me
i dont get it
mwaned 6 mesi fa
i bevlieve that its possible but needing those surtin pokemon?
gaminggod373 6 mesi fa
yeah... great video tgs... just post some more bs videos and your worries about subscribers are gone, because the subscribers are gone.
KeverBowser 6 mesi fa
The navel rock thing doesn't work, before you try doing it. And yes, I followed all of the steps correctly.
mallpunk182 6 mesi fa
unsubbed, I don't want to be subbed to some retard that makes vids like this
HabboBangBang 6 mesi fa
Almost get pawned
frangusable 6 mesi fa
there go,s my lava coockie :(
CoolComKid1 6 mesi fa
inc unsub
ZenshouPhyr 6 mesi fa
MO the hitler thing is enough! Im pissed. I unsubbed... im sorry but wtf
novidsfrome 6 mesi fa
@novidsfrome if u unsubed and your pissed y fucking watch the video u troll and he perfectly said in the next video he didnt really like him like that he meant to say that he liked how the world kinda changed all because of him and how hitler got all these people to follow him when he was a scrawny basterd so watch the video when he explained himself u ass
only13yearsold 6 mesi fa
novidsfrome 6 mesi fa
@novidsfrome Um what does Hitler have to do with anything?
zac3473 6 mesi fa
@zac3473 Well i mean on his channel he had a video where he never said that he liked hitler but taht he seemed inspirational and i just don't fucking understand how you can think anything excet pure hate to someone like hitler
novidsfrome 6 mesi fa
Just wondering, why do you guys want the guy off TGS?
shabalab98 6 mesi fa
TGS, one more bs vid or top 5, and I predict a mass-unsubscribe...
Metalpulsecannon 6 mesi fa
@Metalpulsecannon he says in the fucking beginning its a joke
only13yearsold 6 mesi fa
kick him out of TGS
TheSecretagentspy 6 mesi fa
I dont understand how the lava cookie thing was necessary.
bob2bobert2bobertson 6 mesi fa
Thumbs up if you knew MO was joking before you even watched the video.
crystalzapdos 6 mesi fa 78
i did it he tells truth!!!
Halocheats123 6 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

Craacker6 6 mesi fa
@Craacker6 go fuck off u asshole y the fuck is everyone saying this he says its a fucking joke in the fucking beggining
only13yearsold 6 mesi fa
@only13yearsold The first hours this video was up there was no annotations saying that.
Also theres no reason to get all angry and use fuck as many times as you did.
Even if there now is an annotation (not there before) some people like serious videos so my comment is actually still valid considering some people like seriousness.
PS: using fuck and fucking in your comment as many times as you did doesnt make it any better, no it makes it only more silly.
Thx for reading, have a nice day :)
Craacker6 6 mesi fa
Wow you guys are so stupid, of course this is a cheat MO is a dude that like to joke around and troll don't like this video, Click on the "X", and don't watch any of his videos here, then your done.
davidizzawsome 6 mesi fa
this video is stupid. i was look ing forward to geting him. FUCK YOU
pLacepartay 6 mesi fa
@pLacepartay hey how about you go to the the dream world or play a game where u can get him Douche Bag
HaydenMyers 6 mesi fa
@HaydenMyers i wud. but i dont have wi fi. and i have a 3ds, so i cant play saphire or ruby or emerald. when searing ruby comes out im getting it. but entil then,icant. so fuck off.
pLacepartay 6 mesi fa
@pLacepartay hey Seraing ruby isn't going to be in at least because of well pokemon black and white's deluxe version and if you didn't know right when they finish the first game of a generation they work on the next generation for example pokemon B/W was started right after pokemon D/P plus games MD3 or PR4.
HaydenMyers 6 mesi fa
@HaydenMyers ohkay. but WHEN!!or if it does im getting it. and wouldnt the deluxe be gray? imgeussing so. well ya i hope if or when it comes out its even better than b/w.
pLacepartay 6 mesi fa
lava cookie ^^

petterud 6 mesi fa
Kick this guy out of TGS, why would you keep a guy around who's only use is to be an asshole?
Elganko 6 mesi fa
Judging by the annotation at the start, I assume TGS wasn't in on this - but when someone trolls you and your entire channel, I don't know why you wouldn't remove the whole video and kick them out of the group... :/ Annoying.
AySz88 6 mesi fa 2
MO likes to joke around. I thought this was very believable. Good job!
jamgrieve 6 mesi fa
I think the reactions of people in the comments section are funnier than the video itself.
JuJu84B 6 mesi fa
is that fake?? or?
BultmusGaming 6 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

MarcoTheHedgehog96 6 mesi fa
CAN PELLIPER DIVE ?????????? noooooo i dont belive that
Balletdanserinden 6 mesi fa
dude thx try again for you to get another one i got 98 RAYQUAZAS all that i did is ring the bell another 3 times and got another
ps i if you do it more than 3 times you can't go to Castelia,Nuvema,Undella,Milstration,Black,White,EliteFour,and even the pokemarts,pokecenters,and evrything elseat least i saved after the 1 TIME.
Redzillaproductions2 6 mesi fa
dude thx try again for you to get another one i got 98 RAYQUAZAS all that i did is ring the bell another 3 times and got another
Redzillaproductions2 6 mesi fa
Nice editing XD
pokepal1996 6 mesi fa
Its a joke... why would you make this vid then??
nintendogameplayguy 6 mesi fa
If this is intended to be a joke rather than just a mindless publicity stun but some whinny ass 15 year old, please understand that trolling your viewer base on your youtube group's MAIN channel is a frankly moronic idea. Who ever signed off on this should be voted out of the TGS group, as this is quite frankly completely unprofessional.
addisonwilson 6 mesi fa
this is fake. tried it and alder came, but rayquaza never came.
Yugi514 6 mesi fa
KOSMOS! I see MunchingOrange made a Steel reference.
Werewolf211 6 mesi fa
"without cheating"
"Well, to get started with this cheat..."
NinjaOnANinja 6 mesi fa 68
Damn comment on the gamestation are just as bad as the ones on machinama
SmashMastr98 6 mesi fa
i was happy to see Padzi, Kosmos, and Leolu again at least
Risingdoom1 6 mesi fa
@purpeELIGOGO why the hell would you watch this than motherfucker
bluerosescorpio 6 mesi fa
i tried it and Alder came but Raquaza didnt
HbC1138 6 mesi fa
is this fake?
HbC1138 6 mesi fa
so fucking fakee
Aminelover11 6 mesi fa
Lol what an ass.
no2hiswear 6 mesi fa
Pokemon is FUCKING GAY!
A channel dedicated with pokemon is fucked!
PurpeEliGOGO 6 mesi fa
@PurpeEliGOGO Hey so is you and your dad
HaydenMyers 6 mesi fa
fuck you munchingorange. your LPs suck ass and now you made me waste an hour doing this shit as well as a lava cookie. and fuck you gamestation for posting this shit. *unsubbed* yeah that just happened.
UnsounderGnome 6 mesi fa
Pokesav300 6 mesi fa
wow, people are PISSED
800mls 6 mesi fa
it didn't work!!!!!!!!!
theOltimate1 6 mesi fa
THIS DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
qwertyqwertyyoshi 6 mesi fa
@qwertyqwertyyoshi NO SHIT!!
HaydenMyers 6 mesi fa
what just wow. really gamestation?
thenumbertree 6 mesi fa
"before we get started with this cheat" what?
1Sentient 6 mesi fa
Y does he get a rare starter pokemon? Did he also use cheats?
roblesize 6 mesi fa
do u need to beat the eilte 4 once or after you defeat the campion??
TheAffronted 6 mesi fa
it didnt work :(
Hydreigon78 6 mesi fa
You also gonna need balls... lots of them actually
spolu112 6 mesi fa
wait i already talked to alder that time will he be there again?
WeHaveInsomnia 6 mesi fa
He pronounced Rayquaza properly. It's how the characters in the anime pronounced it and how the announcer in Pokémon Battle Revolution pronounced it.
Lulzigi 6 mesi fa
Ra-Kwa-Zaaa >_<
xXAd4MXx 6 mesi fa
huh didnt work
DarKn0ObXD 6 mesi fa
pokemon sucks cock
73hd99w 6 mesi fa
@73hd99w then don't watch videos about you fucking dumbass
LarryPokeTrainer 6 mesi fa
@LarryPokeTrainer don't cry little kid
73hd99w 6 mesi fa
@73hd99w Oh yeah, I'm crying so hard. It's funny because you're such a dumbass, you don't even realize you're a dumbass. Why hate on a video featuring content you don't even like? You don't even have to answer. I know it was because your a troll with no life who has just enough brain capacity to make simple sentences, hating on what other people like.
LarryPokeTrainer 6 mesi fa
@LarryPokeTrainer omg it's the angry homo kid
73hd99w 6 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

LarryPokeTrainer 6 mesi fa
@73hd99w There is nothing wrong with homosexuals. Kthanks.
AquariusCenturies 6 mesi fa
it's ray-kwah-zuh.
shugr2th 6 mesi fa
@ZtheFantasyKid no shit, hence why it says in an annotation at the start "This is a joke!". Read before you make dumb comments please
ojdavies92 6 mesi fa
@ojdavies92 That annotation is new.
shagoosty 6 mesi fa
This is Really fake
Because Rayquaza was in Emerald Style Sprite not Black and White
ZtheFantasyKid 6 mesi fa
What happens if you already met Alder?
therrasian 6 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

lemming3001 6 mesi fa 77
@lemming3001 WHat? What did MO even do? Ive been subbed to him for a while and I think hes awesome, plus, you DID NOT GET TROLLED so...
ForyxGames 6 mesi fa
@lemming3001 Some people need to get noticed somehow...I never played a Pokemon game but seeing how hard it is to get a legendary pokemon is kinda entertaining so if you don't wanna watch the video there is an X button made just for you now get the fuck out you fucking cunt !
IPawnNoobz 6 mesi fa
@IPawnNoobz This is a fake video its not this hard to get pokemon legendaries.. so by the looks of things you also got trolled :),
lemming3001 6 mesi fa
@lemming3001 You're welcome.
MunchingOrange 6 mesi fa
@MunchingOrange No no no, i should thank you. Thank you very much for another fake video, we really really really needed more and its nice that you can contribute the best that you could :)
lemming3001 6 mesi fa
@lemming3001 ed.
Plus his voice sounds like he's sick or permanently congested.
Kitxunei 6 mesi fa
@lemming3001 Cry some more. It's a JOKE.
BakuMamX 6 mesi fa
@lemming3001 dude this guy on the first second of the video it says its a joke u asshole he has 20 thousand subscrbers already hes not tryin to get views asshole
only13yearsold 6 mesi fa
@only13yearsold i didnt say he was i said this is what i expect from those sorts of people.. (btw he didnt say it was a joke TGS) did..
lemming3001 6 mesi fa
@lemming3001 I mean, it's informative, I don't really see a problem with it.
mysterymastermind175 6 mesi fa
@mysterymastermind175 its informative??? seriously! its fake O_o theres nothing informative about it, an arguement you could of used is that it was just a joke...
lemming3001 6 mesi fa
hey, because im entering in this years pokémon VGC can someone help me tomorrow morning practice my 5th gen team? PM me if interested :)
PickyPikachu 6 mesi fa
fake and gay
fdgsa 6 mesi fa 11
but how did your Pokemon mammoth almost one shot that untamed trousersnake Pokemon?
xapemanx 6 mesi fa
4:05 Sorry, I had to bookmark. I had to go to school.
Mewgetic44 6 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

djangoguru 6 mesi fa
@djangoguru this is a trolololol idiot
lukelostit 6 mesi fa
Don't waste our time with this TGS. The fact that you have to tell everyone it's fake as an afterthought note means this doesn't belong on your channel.
Corran109 6 mesi fa 4
no1 cares
nightseifer 6 mesi fa
Pokemon has some cryptic stuff in it :D
jeppyjoh 6 mesi fa
How would someone ever find that out???????
Aranis101 6 mesi fa 28
The end was really badly edited, and how come Rayquaza gets the normal encounter music..? In Pokemon B/W? This isn't even convincing as a joke...
dziugasiuka3 6 mesi fa
@dziugasiuka3 its real
TheAllianceMage 6 mesi fa
@TheAllianceMage SO is your mom
dziugasiuka3 6 mesi fa
he sounds like a noob
SaiyanZOMBIEguy 6 mesi fa
I did it, xept it came out as a shining Rayquaza :O its so B.A. when its shining :)
cdcdx2 6 mesi fa
I've just lost half ur subs...
JanEkerGadsby 6 mesi fa
The old school days when you want to catch the regis freakin hoennfags
MABASPLO 6 mesi fa
Reqweza lol someone cant talk
MABASPLO 6 mesi fa
Did anyone else notice that one of his Pokemon was named Boota? (0:37) Thumbs to you MunchingOrange for referencing Gurren Laggan that show was epic.
randompiece6 6 mesi fa
It seems people are having their captions off as default. In the beginning of the video it states that this was a joke.
If not the third bell ring would have been so poorly edited, this would have looked legitimate. Well done, MunchingOrange.
EdiciusMai 6 mesi fa 2
No hacks my dickhole. You edited the end. That music was from HG/SS, and the transition into the battle was not convincing at all.
Gloppagus 6 mesi fa
So... The Game Station is now in the business of posting poorly done hack jobs? Interesting indeed.
TrainerC7 6 mesi fa 3
See now that just doesn't make sense, if this is just a cheat why is it on gamestation.
Garringman 6 mesi fa
you all do know this is fake right?

DemonicRayquaza 6 mesi fa 2
Rayquaza was already caught, if you saw the pokeball on the side is this real? YES 100% REAL!
p0ken3rd12 6 mesi fa
i wonder how many people actually dumped their lava cookie.
Respectthegore365 6 mesi fa
I don't understand the joke.
CommanderDuckie 6 mesi fa 2
Does this work after you talk to Alder? I mean I already did and just fly off the tower.
ShadowForceYT 6 mesi fa
@ShadowForceYT me too
sniperpro896 6 mesi fa
@ShadowForceYT :3 watch the beginning again with captions on.
EdiciusMai 6 mesi fa
how do u get the mincicco in the screen there
Mrpoketalker 6 mesi fa
guitarpro925 6 mesi fa
lol "black and white without cheat. enjoy
before we get started with this cheat" fail but nice done btw :)
TheDoctorTL4 6 mesi fa 4
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

mudkip11511 6 mesi fa
i had annotations of first ime i watchd this
AegisDeus 6 mesi fa
why so much hate? i thought it was pretty funny
PurpleHCross 6 mesi fa
you can also ctach Groudon in black/white by releasing your starter pokemon.
Respectthegore365 6 mesi fa
um..i find it weird how when wild rayquaza appeared that it showed the pokeball in its name in the battle..which means you CAUGHT IT BEFORE.
Coolaj100cp 6 mesi fa
@Coolaj100cp or had it transferred
TheClaon 6 mesi fa
@Coolaj100cp or he already has one
bakafront 6 mesi fa
troll: false and homosexual
Sandchompedz 6 mesi fa
@Sandchompedz wonderful play on words
PjKa88 6 mesi fa
Fuck you, thanks for wasting 8 minutes of my life, asshole.

Justtonight77 6 mesi fa
@Justtonight77 o hai troll, sup? looking for food i c?
Respectthegore365 6 mesi fa
The part where you threw the Ultraball and nearly caught Rayquaza, it reminds me of Pokémon Platinum where I went to catch Dialga and Palkia (both at level 70). So I go in against Dialga, and weaken it down to the red section of its HP. So, out of all the Pokéballs I had (something like 30 Ultra, Great, and regular), I throw a regular Pokéball, and cathc it on the first try. Don't know how though. I remeber I caught Palkia easily too on Platinum. Giratina took me FOREVER!!!
CaptainEpik 6 mesi fa
@CaptainEpik pokeballs has low catch rate on normal pokemons, high on legendary ;)
TheDoctorTL4 6 mesi fa
@TheDoctorTL4 hope your kidding
SpritelyPyro 6 mesi fa
@SpritelyPyro i'm not man. i once caught Mewtwo in a pokeball on red/blu. and chuggaaconroy caught some leg. on pokeball too (just 2 examples)
TheDoctorTL4 6 mesi fa
@TheDoctorTL4 well, w/e it's just luck poke balls have the same multiplier for every pokemon
SpritelyPyro 6 mesi fa
@CaptainEpik This is the reason why.
Palkia,Dialga,Zekrom And Reshiram have a REALLY high catch rate compared to the other legendaries like Giratina.
In 4th gen Palkia and DIalga have a whopping catch rate of 30, I dont know about Zekrom and Reshiram though.
So sorry to burst your bubble but catching Dialga and Palkia easily is pretty normal XD
Randomboy1232 6 mesi fa
I thought pokemon never died they only fainted
thefaff999 6 mesi fa
Hopefully people don't have annotations turned off, or they'll be pissed
dragonmasterjg 6 mesi fa
this Grimm thing looks pretty cool...
bugshirt4 6 mesi fa
ok all i know is that you pissedoff raquza
mackers0071 6 mesi fa
:O the Legendary cheater
iSnowbAlLxx2 6 mesi fa
Is it me or the same basic idea from Pokemon Blue is still used to pokemon games to this day? Only adding more pokemons and enhancing the visuals
g0uveia1 6 mesi fa
I dont know why but it seems fun to watch MunchingOrange do these fake things
p0ken3rd12 6 mesi fa
@TrueUmbreon im viewer 301 and i liked it
dusk751 6 mesi fa
I did this but I encountered Missingno instead, whats the deal?
Kronikwookie 6 mesi fa 83
@Kronikwookie it is different on white than on black
bensko5821 6 mesi fa
Grommish222 6 mesi fa
wait what i dont get it
MrFrostingbutt 6 mesi fa
MrFrostingbutt 6 mesi fa
Wow. That's a lot of dislikes.
coregoon 6 mesi fa
Like if your viewer 301 :)
TrueUmbreon 6 mesi fa
@TrueUmbreon why?
sniffyourdogtwice 6 mesi fa
if your a male your gonna need 2 more
solcario2 6 mesi fa
Wait wait wait... That mother fuckers starter was a legendary?! Wtf, hows that fair?!?!?
BIGTOAST75 6 mesi fa 88
"Your also going to need balls. lots of em" I see what you did there
TheLegendaryMario93 6 mesi fa
Make more sense if it was Dragonspiral Tower :3
ThatPinkBeardedGuy 6 mesi fa
you can tell this isnt real 'cuz on rayquaza's moving and p.s. nintendo can do better than that
dev928 6 mesi fa
I don't get it. It looks legit to me...
mediarulestheworld 6 mesi fa 2
Thank you TGS for putting it was a joke or I would have spent a lot of time for nothing
virgil592 6 mesi fa
Are you my long lost uncle who works at Nintendo? The same one who told me if you beat the Elite Four 100 times on R/B/Y I get Mew?
EvilMag123 6 mesi fa 6
I know this is a joke.. but still.. i'm going to try this...
typhooni8 6 mesi fa
listen males! we need more than 2 balls, we need to have exactly an amount of 47 balls! as said by "TheGameStation" to catch rayquaza, its the only way to catch him.
orangerupee 6 mesi fa
Sony Vegas or something?
TheKingRedfield 6 mesi fa
HAX! Funny though :P I liked it
VGA322 6 mesi fa
i thought this was real until i heard the music and saw the rayquaza animation LOL
JGIHO 6 mesi fa
heyy there can yuus woth my videos plz and this is so gd 
Freeruner747 6 mesi fa
this could of been done by a simple annotation, didnt need to post the video on the game station
ninkev 6 mesi fa
umm alder was there even if i didnt do all that crap .-. YOU MEAN I COULD OF COUGHT RAYQUAZA NOW I FEEL LIKE A BAKA!(idiot)
octavious231 6 mesi fa
DSplayer1212 6 mesi fa
Eww allot of RWJ fans....Oh well they are only 10-13 like most RWJ fans.
But yeah he even says the video is a joke so.......never mind, reading the comments is funny. All of the the bad grammar, and spelling mistakes are hilarious.
SideShowShayne1 6 mesi fa
Orange: Hey, apple!
faustopego 6 mesi fa
graphics r fake and gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
KSANDOVAL11 6 mesi fa
what was the pokemon that adler first recieved..... just curious 2 no
RatHett 6 mesi fa
HAX! hahahahahahahaha
7kiku7honda7japan 6 mesi fa
*whispers* "Are you ready?"
tetrominoe 6 mesi fa
is it okay to get a Wailord and Rewlicanth from a friend or from a different game and is the Percentage chance of getting Rayquaza? PLZ help?
metalmasters37 6 mesi fa
@metalmasters37 lol

tillapasta 6 mesi fa
@metalmasters37 Are you blind, it says in the beginning that it is fake *facepalm
metalock989 6 mesi fa
@metalmasters37 its a fake video!!!!!!!!

HUmungy 6 mesi fa
LOLQUAZA was caught!
GreenHatTrick 6 mesi fa
Wailord and relicanth isnt that from Sapphire for Regirock Regiice and Registeel?
klemmetje1 6 mesi fa
@klemmetje1 It is.
SolarPowerPlant13 6 mesi fa
@klemmetje1 He said it 10 times.....And no its not just sapphire its from Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.
314Marvin 6 mesi fa
Saying Rayquaza wrong
aetheora 6 mesi fa
lmao nice prank! thats not even the background for the top floor of the celestial tower but well played, if i didn't have the game i would have believed this
Leponce37 6 mesi fa
@Leponce37 it represent raquazza thunder and lighting

amircoolman1 6 mesi fa
@amircoolman1 umm what? English plz... this is a prank not real... thunder and lightning doesnt represent rayquaza, if u played emerald
Leponce37 6 mesi fa
@amircoolman1 You misspelled Rayquaza.And thunder and lightning don't represent rayquaza you retard...
314Marvin 6 mesi fa
@314Marvin u retard if u play pokemon emraled u know when raquazza come form the thunder and lighting sky smart ass
amircoolman1 6 mesi fa
@amircoolman1 Stfu.Just because thunder appeared doesn't mean it signifies rayquaza. Also Learn to spell you retard,they do that in almost every game with its legends.And i AM smarter than you because you apparently fail at english and don't even know your pokemon knowledge.
314Marvin 6 mesi fa
@314Marvin two word FUCK U your offending kids i am a kid geezer loser happy my spelling okay it a key broad who care how u spell.
amircoolman1 6 mesi fa
@amircoolman1 U isn't a word its a letter retard.And If your a kid your parents did a horrible job raising you. Im 13 so still STFU.
314Marvin 6 mesi fa
@314Marvin what ever fucker 
amircoolman1 6 mesi fa
@amircoolman1 Cant come up with anything to say?Aw did the little kid get pwned over the internet?
314Marvin 6 mesi fa
@314Marvin shut up all u do is be a retard u had to start it see all i was doing was answering a comment then u come in and be a retard i feel sorry for u and u suck i bet in real life your poor small hag
amircoolman1 6 mesi fa
@314Marvin i rather not be your rival srry about it but u changed my mind
amircoolman1 6 mesi fa
Sent From TheGameStation's AppRats (Facebook App)!
oox16 6 mesi fa
Damn you got me bro lol
nuzamaki90 6 mesi fa
asfarfafar 6 mesi fa
HAHA. this is the best prank i've seen
wiiner11 6 mesi fa
I m just posting this comment because a lot of people don't really know what a cheat is in pokemon. A cheat in pokemon is using gameshark and putting in codes to fight it. when something is do-able in pokemon without any interference from the outside (which is the case in this video) it is not a real cheat despite him saying otherwise in the beginning XD
mildienater 6 mesi fa

chrisws100 6 mesi fa
Damn I wish I had a DS... Maybe I'll buy one on Monday. Thinking about it.
Hissingace110 6 mesi fa
Boo. Not funny, nor entertaining.
The pokemonfan is crying inside of me.
Metalpulsecannon 6 mesi fa
wow its so easy to tell this is a cheat raqyaza looks strangley like how he looks in soul silver graphics
squeakeyguy 6 mesi fa
I hate this because I really wish it would work :'( nice video btw
Spookoyo 6 mesi fa
0:36 "You're also going to need balls!"
RobLoach 6 mesi fa
I always thought it was pronounced Ray-quah-za. I've never heard anyone say Ray-quay-za.
Mocita 6 mesi fa
@Mocita I've always said Ruh-quay-za
xtremethomas 6 mesi fa
why did that vid get so bad ratings?
CopyrightSux 6 mesi fa
@CopyrightSux Because idiots these days don't know how to take a joke or don't read the description.
nuzamaki90 6 mesi fa 3
@nuzamaki90 oh i see ^^
CopyrightSux 6 mesi fa
if that was fake, you are GAY
hattalah 6 mesi fa
your a nerd
ConstanceCornelia 6 mesi fa
"before we get started with this CHEAT" this is a cheat so stop complaining
awesomedan79 6 mesi fa
Budogenkai 6 mesi fa
@Budogenkai didn't you just listen to him at 0:26? your the faggot being deaf
awesomedan79 6 mesi fa
co za asy
nubix223 6 mesi fa
the rayquaza has a pokeball next to its name
piggybank67 6 mesi fa
fake and gay.
karatecow99 6 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

diddlman 6 mesi fa 3
Fake and gay.
Omega7Gamer 6 mesi fa
why would he switch to a fighting steel type to take the hit for fly when he has a togekiss?
ElementJ09 6 mesi fa
I'm not gonna try this but Alder was actually there one time.
I don't know if it's fake or not, but Alder is there it happened to me.
IncaseAce 6 mesi fa
wtf how old r u
conmanrox1234 6 mesi fa
Why would you put this up gamesation...REally? its not funny or clever, infact it just makes you look like a douche.
XHeliosxXx 6 mesi fa 4
"how to catch Rayquaza in Pokemon Black & White, without Cheats enjoy......before we get started with this cheat" lol
Omega7Gamer 6 mesi fa 140
@Omega7Gamer lol I noticed that too. :P
Oyajitchi 6 mesi fa
this guy has a 1.2 inch penis
NebsCallsTehYetiPpl 6 mesi fa
@NebsCallsTehYetiPpl not even that big
THEfiercedeitylink1 6 mesi fa
munchingorange is so beast, lol!
DrayFan12 6 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

diddlman 6 mesi fa 4
Alder appears after E4 1, and needs to be talked to be able to challenge E4 2.
And guys, MO has done this kind of things a couple of times before, its not real.
jespokemon 6 mesi fa
Wow it actually worked, woot! He forgot to add in one more step between the Abyssal ruins and flying to the tower but I figured it out. :D
Spydurz 6 mesi fa
ah hah u said before we get started with this cheat
u said no cheats in title
SuperAvatarstate 6 mesi fa
2:12 301 Master Balls. could have atleast put that number down a bit to make it more realistic.
NerdyGuitarGuy 6 mesi fa 2
Video's like this just gives Thegamestation a bad reputation...
Viikktor 6 mesi fa 3
Guys, he said no cheats. He never said no Hacked games :3
Learn to smart joke.
solarboy27 6 mesi fa
I did this but I encountered Arceus instead, whats the deal?
DragonofEternity 6 mesi fa
Chill out, it's a joke. You guys are way to serious. You all are like the cop who gives people tickets on Christmas Eve.
MegaAdrastos 6 mesi fa 64
@MegaAdrastos So just because it is a stupid religious holiday you shouldn't do your job? Yeah.. Great fucking thinking there let's just shut down the hospitals too while we're at it
lipen99 6 mesi fa
@MegaAdrastos OH GEEZZ!!!
in that case please! say it's a joke before people actually try it
voltex12345 6 mesi fa
People get mad because they probably actually did it.. I don't see how you can't see why people would be mad.
dilsco 6 mesi fa
@MegaAdrastos Drunk drivers should definitely get tickets on Christmas Eve
Xerxes4242 6 mesi fa
You can't tell me that with all of the special effects in this game that rayquaza shows up like that, completely fake.
MrRewind101 6 mesi fa
P.S it's not a joke because it's not fucking funny, you wasted 8 minutes of my time, retard.
DDFawx 6 mesi fa
Nice faking, douchebag.
DDFawx 6 mesi fa
I love how he says, 'Before we get started with this cheat' at the start but has No cheats in the title.....
741236987412369P 6 mesi fa
Alder's was there for me even without doing this fake shit
themangotango95 6 mesi fa
@6:05 to skip to the longest freaking punchline ever. Sheesh.
Manifusion 6 mesi fa
and this is shit and needs to be removed.
holmborn 6 mesi fa
Umm, if you guys can't figure out a simple joke you all need help.
GradGamer 6 mesi fa 2
This video made me sneeze.
lifewithbeats 6 mesi fa
Sad to see how many people can't take a joke...
AlphaInsomniac 6 mesi fa
@AlphaInsomniac it isn't funny though
dragonfire270000 6 mesi fa
MarioSonic46 6 mesi fa
y would the gamestation upload this? Maybe cause they don't know shit about pokemon and therefore didn't know themselves that this is fake....
TheSyrupCompany 6 mesi fa
Theres only one thing wrong with all you guys are sayin. Where did he get the Alder speech amd movements from if it was fake?;)
mastermattyboy 6 mesi fa
@mastermattyboy the adler speech happens regardless of what you do and the movement is easy to edit in, personally im on the fence
TheiCanHasSkittles 6 mesi fa
wow really? the gamestation puts fake shit? they just lost me
deatscart 6 mesi fa
szissor156 6 mesi fa
@szissor156 no shit
TheiCanHasSkittles 6 mesi fa
Wow, I havn't played pokemon since the original Gold Edition, and even I can tell this is BS.
OriginalAJER 6 mesi fa
Well it's obviously fake morons =') Still it's pretty cool xD
IHeart16Bit 6 mesi fa
This is shit , best do a interesting thing man
Isapokefan999 6 mesi fa
0:38 "You're also gonna need balls" lol :P
Cioper 6 mesi fa
He appears regardless of what you do after you beat the game.
Still, this is fake, you have to admit. He used non-3D Emerald Sprites.
Dear Gamestation: April Fools was over a month ago.
goodbye18000 6 mesi fa
Lawl, fake.
nintendo4ever123 6 mesi fa
if you are listening closely what he is saying in the begining you can hear that first as he say "without cheats" but when the video starts he says "before we get started with this cheat" this doesn't make any sence? is this a cheat or not a cheat?
zixil3 6 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

RSwizard101vids 6 mesi fa
Deja Vu...
i had a dream about came true
Silverthorns11 6 mesi fa
this is fake when he started to fight rayquaza it said a wild rayquaza apeared......that wouldnt have come up
GangtaKid12 6 mesi fa
epic fail intro xD
Sn00pzor 6 mesi fa
I liked this video.
morten90 6 mesi fa
E3RT6 6 mesi fa
what if i alreayd had rhis happen with alder waiting without doing the other stuff then am i screwed
shaden489 6 mesi fa
Clearly it's fake. He ripped the HG/SS sprite of Rayquaza.
M3DBE 6 mesi fa
No he didn't. It is the fifthgen sprite
Mehmegadude 6 mesi fa
@Mehmegadude Total bull. Even TGS said it was a joke. You sir, are incorrect. And by the way, I was talking about field sprite, not battle sprite.
M3DBE 6 mesi fa
yo MO ths crap is so fuckin FAAAAAAKKKKKKEEEEE!!!!!!!!! You expect me to beleive that Rayquazza appeared? You just used some editing to make it appear man. All of a sudde you see a random battle with normal music. What happened to the legend music. I'm sorry man but that was too fake you may have got some others but not me.
ShadowMephyles 6 mesi fa
it seems fake, but idk. someone tell me if it is or not when they get a chance.
athan1214 6 mesi fa
guys, he was mistaken when he said it was a cheat at the beggining; OBVIOUSLY the developers put this in the game on purpose. A better name would have been a "secret"
pwebsers 6 mesi fa
@pwebsers The developers never put this into the game. This is fake.
XxBroBuzzxX 6 mesi fa
@XxBroBuzzxX I guess its a well-made fake, cause i couldn't tell. then again, I don't have the game...
pwebsers 6 mesi fa
omg omg omg is this a emulator? if so can you tell me how to get it? I have bought the game but I want it on my comp instead. :o
SC2Tonberry 6 mesi fa
@SC2Tonberry Use google. It isn't that hard.
XxBroBuzzxX 6 mesi fa
@XxBroBuzzxX silly troll. do you think I ask for help if I have not tried google? All I can find is trash ROM's which are half translated Q_Q
SC2Tonberry 6 mesi fa
@SC2Tonberry You're not looking hard enough then.
XxBroBuzzxX 6 mesi fa
@XxBroBuzzxX If it is so easy then help me instead of telling me how much I suck :< you are not making much sense to me mister.
SC2Tonberry 6 mesi fa
@SC2Tonberry I managed to found one but the links been deleted since then, it just takes a lot of searching :)
PuLseViper 6 mesi fa
Omfg! It worked for me! :D
Mucrush 6 mesi fa
@Mucrush Post a video if it actually worked.
XxBroBuzzxX 6 mesi fa
I knew the ruins and the bell had to be for something.
FatalPivots 6 mesi fa
At 6:12 oh remember the good old days of Pokémon...Good old days
ChuggaaKeithRoy 6 mesi fa
alder goes there after the game this is fake...
SlimAbey10 6 mesi fa
MegaPower124 6 mesi fa
Why exactly does it look so horribly fake when the cinematic starts? Looks like the screen has a weird lookin filter on it, and the rayquaza sprite is pasted on the screen and dragged around a bit. It doesn't even look like it's on the same layer as the game.
SnoekHook421 6 mesi fa
Even if this is fake, I still love the gurren lagann nickname
bigheadmario1 6 mesi fa
wait... you can really do this?
MegaPower124 6 mesi fa
Č stato segnalato come spam mostra

bokthaku 6 mesi fa
Why does it show that you've already caughty it?
shagoosty 6 mesi fa
Wtf? I got some pokemon called Missing No?
TehLavisan 6 mesi fa
wow how dumb do you think people are?
Pikafreakdude 6 mesi fa
@XxBroBuzzxX So does talking to an old man to learn how to catch Pokemon, flying to some random island, and then surfing up and down along it's coast to get ~299 of an item in your 6th item slot. But hey, who are we to question random programming? /facepalm
TheMartyrdomination 6 mesi fa
@TheMartyrdomination Random programming? That was a glitch! <_<
XxBroBuzzxX 6 mesi fa
why is this on the gamestation? and can you really catch rayquaza on black and white?
terryboy123456789 6 mesi fa
haha Rayquaza flies around like a cardboard cutout. The scene I have ever seen in this generation of games.
Braddert 6 mesi fa
has anyone else tryed this?
shmooseslayer97 6 mesi fa
I just tried this.
Adeku (Adler) never appeared.
I did every step perfectly.
1 to 1.
Also, next time, don't use Movie Maker effects for battle transitions.
goodbye18000 6 mesi fa 40
@goodbye18000 dude alder does appear
dddddmmm777 6 mesi fa
@goodbye18000 Alder does actually appear, but all he does is ring the bell, rayquaza won't appear.
anicfanz44 6 mesi fa
is this real?
MultiPokemonWorld 6 mesi fa
xPvZx 6 mesi fa
GraydonW 6 mesi fa
wow, thanks for posting this!
UnsounderGnome 6 mesi fa
coryiscooler 6 mesi fa
@coryiscooler lol theyre really gona miss you. oh wait, they wont

barkevvv 6 mesi fa
@coryiscooler Fuck off
KurtFilipProductions 6 mesi fa
How did the devs figure people would find this?
will122391 6 mesi fa
when you wanted to get the reeeegis
omgustolemyname 6 mesi fa
are Black or White worth buying? couse i really didn't like heart gold and soul silver.
could anyone tell me?
davidwie 6 mesi fa
Black and White are worth buying I'd say. Heart Gold and Soul Silver were pretty much just filler games while they worked on the next gen. :P
TehLavisan 6 mesi fa
@davidwie If you like Pokemon in general, just not HG/SS then yes. deffinatly.
Viikktor 6 mesi fa
@davidwie well if your looking for a truely refreashing pokemon generation i would recomend it but if you didnt like HG and SS then i dont think so but that depends on how strong the nostalgia goggles affect you
KenshiImmortalWolf 6 mesi fa
kind of a dick move, but ill take it as a joke and move on with my life
AndyF1996 6 mesi fa
How the do guys find out, thats the way to do it oO
Nudel110 6 mesi fa
you guys are shitarded for posting this.
hellotheresirdude 6 mesi fa
It isn't april first, take this down please.
wolfen150 6 mesi fa
It IS a fake. His Navel Rock video is a fake too. :P
TehLavisan 6 mesi fa 4
wolfen150 6 mesi fa
god stop trollin why wouldnt nintendo do something like this its totally legit it had an animtation and a level 
tommygun973 6 mesi fa
well this is good!!
YasakaniX13 6 mesi fa
@Chronostix it looks fake. like edited
Chromostone 6 mesi fa
it's legit
PoisonHeartless 6 mesi fa
Simon From yogscast posted this on facebook
mikenike523 6 mesi fa
so wait you're telling me the league champion starter was a rayquaza, and WE only get to choose a snivy/ tepig/ oshawott... BS
deferno5 6 mesi fa
Simon of the Yogscast brought me here with high hopes...I feel betrayed...
roienn777 6 mesi fa
1. The battle song isn't in the game's sequence files
2. The character's sprite changes color at 6:14, and there is no palette in the game for that.
3. At 6:29, when Rayquaza is right in front of the player, the clouds are going over the player, but under Rayquaza.
4. The transition effect into the battle with Rayquaza dosen't exist in the game.
5. Why dosen't the R/S/E Legendary music play through the rest of the battle?
6. He's already caught Rayquaza.
Definitely fake.
yoshiroks777 6 mesi fa 51
@yoshiroks777 Are you retarded?
Why would he go through all the trouble to hack the games code, script and cut scene which would take weeks or months to do with and needed huge amount of hacking knowledge to do.
bluhulb 6 mesi fa
@bluhulb He didn't... He edited the video... That's my point...
yoshiroks777 6 mesi fa
you don't have to have any hacking knowledge to animate sprites.
wolfen150 6 mesi fa
@wolfen150 Yes, but to hack a specially unlocked poke but doing a long complex code and a massive cutscene into a game would almost be impossible if you were not a complete expert in hacking.
bluhulb 6 mesi fa
@yoshiroks777 sigh.. u r such a troll... *throw a boner* go fetch ya bitch... ^^
xVxGHOSTIExVx 6 mesi fa
@yoshiroks777 dude its normal if he caught it its possible cause u can have whit the pal park for pearl or all that shit
minibilal 6 mesi fa
people i tryed it and you have to do it right and it works its just a regular thing in the game it was the same with mew
juggernaugh753 6 mesi fa
@juggernaugh753 troll fail.
shagoosty 6 mesi fa
@shagoosty seriously you are retarded
juggernaugh753 6 mesi fa
shagoosty 6 mesi fa
The transition to the fight with Rayquaza was too smooth for the DS, totally fake...
Aerotrigger 6 mesi fa
@Aerotrigger It's an emulator
bluhulb 6 mesi fa
@Aerotrigger lol fail troll is faill
kainniak1 6 mesi fa
@kainniak1 Not really trolling. I'm simply pointing out the truth.
Aerotrigger 6 mesi fa
@Aerotrigger ya you right game station witch is group of gamer trying to making a living by this, are totally going to start making vid where they lie
kainniak1 6 mesi fa
@kainniak1 Then explain to me why the battle music is the normal B&W battle music instead of the legendary music?
Aerotrigger 6 mesi fa
@Aerotrigger cause your a troll lol?
kainniak1 6 mesi fa
@kainniak1 Great response, idiot... oh look It even says in the video it's not real.
Aerotrigger 6 mesi fa
@BigShot101 nerd
c0rzova 6 mesi fa
@TheEsperchild erm this is the gamestation not ninbuzz
secretpower619 6 mesi fa
@secretpower619 Oh woops, that explains a lot.
TheEsperchild 6 mesi fa
Who hurt you?
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view post Posted on 14/12/2011, 13:06          

Last Year



Why do you guys get the stupid fucking retarded idiot faggots to do your pokemon videos
BigShot101 6 mesi fa
How is this a cheat?
animelovingfreak 6 mesi fa
Lots of balls? That's what my ex-girlfriend said last time we talked...
TheDeadShockify 6 mesi fa
"Gonna need alot of balls" eh ........ Well 90% of people can't do it then!
NightHawk3121 6 mesi fa
all people shouting fake? why not try it out first then come back what you did wrong and if it doesn't work then say fake? dipshits
morik123 6 mesi fa
@morik123 I'm going to try it later today just to 100% prove it's fake. But it's pretty obvious it's fake.
XxBroBuzzxX 6 mesi fa
if it's on the gamestation,it's not fake.
QCmaxthebeast 6 mesi fa
Eh, I guess it does kind of look like Boota, just many times bigger and with tusks.
Either way, I thought you were a serious channel, Ninbuzz? Why allow this video?
TheEsperchild 6 mesi fa
This is complete and utter bullshit.
No.1: That is not a normal Pokemon encounter entrance screen. That was edited in.
No.2: The lighting effects when Rayquaza shows up are fake. They are edited in.
No.3: The whole process is just nonsense. Talking to rocks in a certain order, dropping a lava cookie in front of one and ringing a bell 3 times? That just reeks bullshit.
XxBroBuzzxX 6 mesi fa
this seems like they made this into the game but u said its a glitch
BlueYoshiBullseye 6 mesi fa
*Rings bell for a third time* *Rayquaza appears* "What the fuck?! I want my fucking tofu you prick."
xomgitsyouagain 6 mesi fa
......FAKE! That is all :D
WooperBagel 6 mesi fa
why did my gramma take my dsi...
NebsCallsTehYetiPpl 6 mesi fa
lol @ you need ballz, lots of them XD
mafab666 6 mesi fa 2
this is fake isn't it
Chromostone 6 mesi fa
@Chromostone no
Chronostix 6 mesi fa
@zebluenwhitesky hi
randomcolors1 6 mesi fa
@frostare Tell me if it works
OneMegaPiece 6 mesi fa
267st view
LuckyDutchGuy 6 mesi fa
Gonna try it
frostare 6 mesi fa
Nice fake!
TheAlexFarr 6 mesi fa
How the hell do one figure this out...
oliverandm 6 mesi fa
@oliverandm Developers of the game tell few people. Few people tell others. and so on and so on.
People look into the script of the game and find out from there.
quarterpinte 6 mesi fa
"...with no cheats"
First word once the actuall vid starts:
"Before we get started with this cheat..."
Fail :P
TheKrautGames 6 mesi fa 139
With no cheats! .... so, before we get started with this cheat....
ClicksMcGee 6 mesi fa 158
69th viewer. im a boss
italiagymnast91 6 mesi fa
thx orange i really wanted to find rayquaza
fablemanic23 6 mesi fa
181st view :O
PatrikVorg 6 mesi fa
UmYeeaahh 6 mesi fa
69th view :)
solveyy 6 mesi fa
lol 69 views
JamesG1093 6 mesi fa
NightFox116 6 mesi fa
Commento rimosso

fablemanic23 6 mesi fa
0 views, i feel so special :D
captainhobb 6 mesi fa

Sisu96Nick 6 mesi fa
Very nice
Frodo58 6 mesi fa
Very nice
Frodo58 6 mesi fa
hello there
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