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Hack Name:

Pokemon Grey: Fatal Fantasy

Hack of: Pokemon Blue

Hacker: Hat

Progress: 0/10

Download: Release 1 of 10


I'm Hat, some may know me as a or the Black Phantom, though I doubt it.


This is a restart of my old hack "Pokemon Grey",

a Pokemon Blue hack I started a while ago, then suddenly

stopped working on.


People I'd like to thank for me being able to make the current release of this hack...

Cartmic - Helped me out when I first hacking Pokemon Generation 1

Ashandmisty - Beta Testing

Various Structure Information:

Cartmic, Coolboyman, DammedMoose, F-Zero, Giegue, Tauwasser, Xeon, various non-Pokemon hackers at places like RHDN for general ROM hacking info...

Hacking Utilities:

Swampert - Starter Editor

Genecyst East Software - WindHex32

Snowbro - Tile Layer Pro

Philip Reuben - Pokemap

Jigglypuff - Goldmap

FuSoYa - Lunar IPS


All present and past Pokemon ROM hackers, especially the GB/C variety!

What's the story?

Suddenly a figure appears before you, it's a man in a white coat holding a book.

The man starts talking, the first thing you find out is that you're actually

dreaming! He says his name is Professor Oak and that he studies creatures called

Pokemon. He then goes on to explain that you and him don't live in the same

dimension, you live in the region Azula which you already knew, but he says he

lives in Kanto, which you've never heard of. After some more weird conversation

about Pokemon, you and your best friend amongst other things, he tells you he has

alot to do and says he has to "go wake up".

Suddenly you wake up, you fell asleep underneath your house! This is the small

underground path that you and your neighbour, your best friend had dug together,

beneath both of your houses because... well, maybe you had nothing better to do!

All you can think about is that strange (even for you!) dream you had, then you

suddenly remember something! Today's the day the local professor, Foxy, gives you

and your friend your first ever Pokemon! Well, now that stupid dream's over and

done with, what's stopping you from going to see her?

What may happen to you...

* Getting your very first Pokemon, a companion to explore the region of Azula with!

* Stopping good guys from making Azula a better place to live in!

* Becoming a great Pokemon Trainer by battling others!

What's changed? ...Quite a bit!

* Both colours and music are horribly mixed!

* Some terrible new art!

* The whole world is upside down and dark!

* Obvious Zelda 4 GFX borrowing... font, text borders, others!

* No more gyms and badges! Beat dungeons and collect spells!

* Pokemon have a somewhat more different look!

* Who cares?!?!?!


How this'll be released...

There will be ten main release patches (excludes any simple fixes etc),

the current release will appear for download near the top of the page.


* 1 of 10: Pre-Dungeon 1

* 2 of 10: to Dungeon 1

* 3 of 10: to Dungeon 2

* 4 of 10: to Dungeon 3

* 5 of 10: to Dungeon 4

* 6 of 10: to Dungeon 5

* 7 of 10: to Dungeon 6

* 8 of 10: to Dungeon 7

* 9 of 10: to Dungeon 8

* 10 of 10: Final

else {

Comment on stuff if you want, use this if you want (making your own is an option too)...

old Pokemon Grey thread

You might want to skip this bit...

I'll now attempt to explain why I chose the original hack name,

and then why I extended it...

There's two reasons why I chose the colour grey (spelled in UK English,

as I'm from England), one related to video games and one related to

people who hack computer networks.

* Video Games: Alot of people exclusively play or hack games whose hardware they run on allows for more colours, to them nothing else matters. Grey is often associated with being dull and boring but because of that "sacrifice" it is stronger in other areas, in my opinion these other areas are what makes a great game.

* Networking: I'm glad networks exist, for many reasons, but... I'm not particularly fond of "black hat" or "white hat" hackers. The large amount of black hats (script kiddies or otherwise), spend their time victimizing individuals who have very little security knowledge and money, it's not exactly challenging. Then there's alot of white hat hackers who (legally or not) do everything for money, by working for large companies, they're also deluded, they think they're making the world a better place. Grey hat hackers, well... not the above.

The extension, "Fatal Fantasy" may remind you of the famous Final Fantasy

games. The similar sounding name is partly why I chose that extension,

because of the Final Fantasys being famous RPGs. Although I don't really play

something just because it's an RPG, these games in some ways made Pokemon what

it is (whether that's a good or bad thing), along with games like Dragon Warrior.

Plus of course, the actual hack is set in a more darker world than the official

Pokemon games. I planned everything out better this time around too, but

the storyline remains quite similar, so I had no reason to completely change the

entire title.


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